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TerraStar GNSS & GPS Correction Services

TerraStar Correction Services provide the highest reliability clock and orbit data that allows for assured, reliable positioning anywhere, anytime.

TerraStar premium GNSS corrections combined with NovAtel’s OEM technology offers sub-metre to centimetre-level positioning solution for land, unmanned and airborne applications globally. TerraStar corrections are available as a termed subscription directly from NovAtel.


TerraStar multi-constellation corrections are available globally in four service levels

TerraStar premium GNSS corrections combined with OEM GNSS receiver technology from NovAtel® offers sub-metre to centimetre-level positioning for land, unmanned and airborne applications globally. TerraStar multi-constellation corrections are available globally in four service levels, depending on your hardware and GNSS performance requirements.

  • TerraStar-X™: The total RTK From the Sky experience  
  • TerraStar-C PRO™: Best in class for fast, highly accurate positioning with RTK From the Sky
  • TerraStar-CTM: Standard high accuracy positioning for OEM6
  • TerraStar-L™: Entry-level performance for essential positioning 
Performance1 TerraStar-X2 TerraStar-C PRO3 TerraStar-C TerraStar-L4
Horizontal Accuracy 2.5 cm (95%) 2.5 cm (95%) 5 cm (95%) 50 cm (95%)
Vertical Accuracy 5 cm (95%) 5 cm (95%) 10 cm (95%) 75 cm (95%)
Pass-to-Pass Accuracy  2.5 cm (95%)  2.5 cm (95%)  3 cm (95%)  15 cm (95%) 
Convergence Time < 1 min 3 min < 30 min < 5 min
Supported Platform OEM7 OEM7 OEM6 OEM7, OEM6
Coverage Area Regional Global Global Global
  1. Performance specifications subject to GNSS system characteristics, Signal-in-Space (SIS) operational degradation, ionospheric and tropospheric conditions, satellite geometry, baseline length, multipath effects and the presence of intentional or unintentional interference. Best performance achieved with OEM7700 and GNSS-850 antenna. Signal content is subject to change.
  2. TerraStar-X is available on OEM7700, OEM719, OEM729, PwrPak7, SMART7. Subscription includes TerraStar-C PRO functionality outside of the TerraStar-X region. The TerraStar-X region is depicted in the green area of the below map. 
  3. TerraStar-C PRO enhancements with RTK From the Sky technology currently supported with 7.08.14 firmware on all OEM7 hardware.
  4. TerraStar-L is available on OEM628, FlexPak6, SMART6-L, SMART2 and all OEM7 products.

How correction services work

Explore how correction services work using our 3D interactive application.

TerraStar coverage areas

Click here to view our interactive coverage map. 

TerraStar-X regional coverage map in the United States

Map of the center of the United States with the Corn Belt region highlighted in green

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Compatible Receivers

OEM7 Series

Area of application

Airborne, Land

Processing type

Real Time Correction Service


Operating System



Corrections base



Technical specifications


Worldwide Coverage

Horizontal accurcacy (RMSE) {cm}


Vertical accuracy (RMSE) {cm}






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