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Rugged buoy up to sea state 5

Rubhy is a moored acoustic buoy useful for scientists doing real-time marine assessment and offshore companies looking for pile-driving mitigation. Additional sensors could also be added.


Rubhy bandwidth can go up to 500kHz at 1250 kS/S while batteries can last 40 days non-stop.

Memory goes up to 4TB on HDD.

Following options are available: Wifi, VHF, 4G, Iridium, Cable to the shore (up to 1.5km), GPS, Temperature, Pressure, RS232 serial port, and low-frequency module.

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Moored buoy

Length [m]


Width [m]


Height [m]



Adapted moorings

Weight [kg]


Power Supply



Battery type

Rechargeable battery 1800 Wh

Solar panels


Wave and tide variables sensors

Wave frequency

Wave height

Wave period

Wave direction

Current speed

Current direction

Operation Characteristics

Deployment methods

The RB-SDA14 can be easily deployed and recovered from working boats, weighing less than 500 kg including mooring.

Max operating time

More than 20 days with WiFi and VHF ON

Positioning and navigation

GPS sensor


Other sensors or additional information

Radio link over 10kmWiFi link of 700m

Water variables sensors

Other sensors or additional information

Made for an automated and intuitive operation, the RB-SDA14 buoy can record underwater noise and simultaneously send and display real-time noise information such as SEL – Sound Exposure Level and SPL – Sound Pressure Level over a 10 km distance.

Water depth

Water temperature

Water salinity

Water turbidity

Chromophoric dissolved organic matter (CDOM)


Dissolved oxygen


Underwater radiance

Sound Velocity

Atmospheric and solar variables

Air temperature

Air humidity

Barometric pressure

Wind speed

Wind direction

Solar radiation

Application and Use

Training facilities

Main applications

Pile-driving, Coastal marine construction, Environmental monitoring, Noise impact studies.

Communication and data

Data logger description

The buoy streams the Sound Pressure Level (SPL), the Sound Exposure Level (SEL) and the 1/3rd octave band spectrum, every 5 seconds to the dedicated software.

Web based control and tracking


UHF/VHF communication


Other sensors or additional information

The web interface embedded in the RB-SDA14 system is accessed at all time with a remote control. The manager software of an additional tool that allows for more real-time functions: - buoy(s) access - synchronous time set- multiple buoys synchronization - recording status control - .wav data sample collection while recording

Acoustic communication

Iridium/Satellite communication

Cellular comunication

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