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Quantum GNSS Visualisation Software

Quantum GNSS Visualisation Software

Quantum is GNSS visualisation software from VERIPOS

Visualisation software for offshore dynamic positioning and autonomous marine applications. Quantum software allows users to closely monitor their positioning, identify interference or spoofing and to mitigate those threats. Users are enabled to get the most out of their precise positioning solution by monitoring the radio frequency spectrum and react to interference with RF filters and GNSS signal control. The operator can also interact with the software without impacting operational position.

United Kingdom


The software is designed to work with all Veripos services and has diagnostic features to provide easy identification when a problem has occurred and suggesting possible solutions. Quantum visualisation can be operated independently from the position calculation, this allows the operator to interact with the software without impacting the operational position computation which may be feeding critical survey or vessel systems. The system can provide software modules for Dynamic Positioning (DP) and Survey markets, these modules are tailored to provide the requirements of each operation's needs.

GNSS Resilience and Integrity Technology (GRIT) enabled Quantum software enables the user to detect, monitor and mitigate against interference or spoofing. This capability enables the user to act quickly and decisively to protect the vessel's accurate position and avoid safety incidences or operational downtime. 



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Real Time Correction Service


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