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CHIRPceiver Sub Bottom Profiler for Towed and Hull Mount Systems

CHIRPceiver Sub Bottom Profiler for Towed and Hull Mount Systems

Towed, Hull Mount & Over the Side Chirp Sub Bottom Profiler

The HMS-622 CHIRPceiver and its associated transducers and arrays can fill a wide range of sub-bottom survey needs. Hull Mount, pole-mount, Over-the-side and towed applications available in both dual and single frequency configurations and supports three frequency bands. The Falmouth Scientific HMS-622 is a high power, portable, subbottom profiling system utilizing linear swept FM or 'Chirp' technology that provides deep bottom penetration through a variety of sediments.


The Falmouth Scientific HMS-622 Sub bottom Profiling System is a high power, portable, subbottom profiling system for towed, hull mount and over the side configurations utilizing linear swept FM or Chirp technology that provides deep bottom penetration through a variety of sediments. Sub-bottom profiling applications in diverse sediments require multiple frequency bands to support diverse survey requirements. The HMS-622 CHIRPceiverTM and transducer arrays and vehicles fill this wide range of survey needs. The frequency band supported by the HMS-622 include standard LF (1KHz-10KHz), and optional ULF (200Hz-2KHz) and HF (8KHz-23KHz). It can be easily configured for up to 50Khz with a standard 2 channel transceiver. CW frequencies can also be programmed within the respective band. The transducer and hydrophone arrays are configured to perform both the transmit and the receive functions of the system.

The HMS-622 CHIRPceiver uses a flexible Graphical User Interface connected via Ethernet that allows the user to set CHIRP or CW modes of operation, Start and Stop frequencies, and Pulse Lengths and Power Level for the output pulses. The receiver controls allow for Gain and Attenuation as well as Diagnostic modes. The user selectable direct 24 bit A/D input allows the user to input data for the HMS-620 Bubble Gun or other analog seismic system. The HMS-622 CHIRPceiver will also support multi-ping modes for higher along track resolution when operating in water depths deeper than a given ping rate. All sonar data is logged in SEGY format using industry standard acquisition software.

The CHIRPceiver is also available in a low cost single channel version for coastal surveys less than 500m water depth.

CHIRPciver Options

HMS-621 Single Channel CHIRPLitt SBP

HMS-622 Dual Channel CHIRPceiver SBP

HMS-622 Hull Mounted Systems 3000M-12000m Water Depth Range

HMS-BPA-62X CHIRPceiver Pipeliner Arrays

HMS-622 650Hz ULT CHIRPceiver Sub-Bottom Profiler

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Tow speed

1-8 Knots

Weight in air [kg]



91.44cm x 45.72cm x 45.72cm (36in x 18in x 18in)

Physical properties of transducer head


HMS-ATTR-4.5K Standard, HMS-ATTR-15K, HMS-650

Height [m]


Length [m]


Width [m]


Weight in Air

12.7Kg (28lbs)

Mode of operation

Platform type

Hull Mounted, Side Mounted, Pole Mounted, Surface Towed, Deep Towed, Towed

Signal composition

Chirp, Broadband, Dual Frequency, Single Frequency

Operating System


Min. depth of operation [m]


Max. depth of operation [m]


Min. frequency [Hz]


Max. frequency [Hz]


Power output [W]


Max. resolution [m]


Max. penetration [m]


Max. pulse rate [Hz]


Max. pulse length [s]


Dynamic range [dB]


Programmable source signatures

On the fly selectable frequency bands

Source Level

212 dB re 1uPa@ 1m nominal


Wide band

Transmit Transducers

Bands 200Hz-2KHz, 1KHz-10KHz, 8KHz-23KHz

Data Rate


Pulse Repetition Rate

16Hz (63ms)

Cable length

2000m Multi-conductor

Hardware/software requirements

Operating System

Windows 7 or higher


Product type

Sub bottom profiling systems, CHIRP, SBP, Sub Bottom Profiler, Sub-bottom, sub bottom, Hull Mount


High Resolution

Power type


Portability of logger


Components to be used in combination with product

FSI Subbottom Transducers or Existing Transducer Arrays, HMS-622, Hull Mount, Pole Mount, Small Vessel, Transducers

Max power consumption [W]


Transducer weight [kg]


Operating temperature: max. [°C]


Operating temperature: min. [°C]


Size (Deck unit)

55.88 cm x 53.34 cm x 25.4 cm (22 in x 21 in x 10 in)

Weight (Deck Unit)

Single 17.24 kg (38 lbs)/ Dual 19.95 kg (44 lbs)

Integration in work process

Real time coupling to survey software


Remote operation


Data Processing



Internal logging

Data output




Data displayed

Most third party software (Chesapeake, Hypack, OIC, etc)

Main use

Subbottom Profiling


Most Third Party Software (Chesapeake, Hypack, OIC, etc)

Over-the-side mount assembly


40.64cm x 40.64cm x 45.72cm (16in x 16in x 18in)

Mounting Staff

Flange Mount


56.24Kg (124lbs) 2x2 Array HMS-ATTR-4.5K


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