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PromptScan M2

PromptScan M2

Photogrammetric Aerial Film Scanner

PromptScan M2 is GeoDyn’s most efficient scanner from the PromptScan product line. This photogrammetric aerial film scanners enables the digitization of aerial photographs at significantly higher speeds and at lower cost than conventional aerial film scanners. PromptScan aerial film scanners provide high geometric photogrammetric grade accuracy and radiometric quality. The technology employs multiple high resolution industrial cameras, with no moving parts during scanning, and advanced image processing to accomplish what was once considered impossible. The scanners are leased with associated software, training, and support to organizations allowing them to rapidly complete their film archive conversion. With the use of PromptScan, you can efficiently transform your archived aerial films into valuable assets while preserving immense history and heritage.



PromptScan M2 is a high-precision photogrammetric grade scanner for the accurate scanning of aerial films and at a resolution of up to 12.5 µm. The unit has an automated film transport system to enable the rapid scanning of film rolls. A cut film sheet adapter is also available to aid in the scanning of cut films. Adapters are also available to accommodate smaller format of aerial films, for example 18 cm x 18 cm format.


The PromptScan M2 is built with 6 x 64MP industrial cameras that capture simultaneous images of the film, which is positioned under a glass plate above an LED light source. The rigid construction including use of a new carbon fiber base plan, no movement during the imaging, along with rigorous calibration enables 2 µm r.m.s.e accuracy. The 12bit monochromatic cameras with variable (white, red, green, blue) light source assures that the full dynamic range of the original film is captured even if the films have a dark mask or significant light fall off.

System and Scanner Calibration

The scanner is extensively calibrated both geometrically and radiometrically. Geometric calibration involves scanning a calibration film with a fine grid of accurate cross marks. Each cross is measured with an accuracy better than 1/20 pixel to create an accurate model of all distortions, which are then corrected. Radiometric calibration is done by scanning a blank area with white, red, green and blue exposures to create a radiometric correction surface. The calibration process can be performed in under a minute and calibrations are performed multiple times per days to both assure and check the geometric accuracy.

Automated Scanning

TThe scanning of aerial film rolls is highly automated and only requires the film roll to be mounted on the loading spool holder and fed across the scanning plate to the pickup spool. The system then automatically scans each frame, determining the exposure and automatically moving from frame to frame. For panchromatic film a single exposure is made. For color film, three separate red, green, and blue exposures are taken. The image capture is as fast as 3 seconds per frame. Real time analysis is performed to check the dynamic range of the image. The system records a wide range of parameters about each frame, which are later used for quality control.

For individual cut frames, a cut film adapter is used. This simplifies the process of loading, positioning, and removal of each frame, which typically takes about 10 seconds per frame.


Similar to modern aerial film cameras, the multiple exposures are stitched based on calibration information to create the full frame images and perform extensive quality checks. All processing is done at 16bit/channel to ensure the full information content is recoded. Processing includes detection of fiducial marks and optional adaptive dodging to remove image trends while maintaining full dynamic range and enable storage in the format and compression of choice.

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M2 Specifications

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