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Shallow-water single analyte & Flexible Multi-analyte Deep Sea Transmitters (O2, pH, T)
AquapHOx-Transmitters: for real-time O2, pH & T underwater measurements

PyroScience GmbH

Combined with PyroScience´s high-speed sensors, the real-time AquapHOx data transmitters are ideal tools for ultra-fast water column profiling or eddy covariance mea

Flexible all-in-one long-term loggers for different optical O2, pH & T sensor heads
AquapHOx-Loggers: for long-term stand-alone O2, pH & T monitoring

PyroScience GmbH

The new AquapHOx underwater long-term loggers enable accurate pH measurements, long-term O2 & T monitoring and trace O2 detection. They are available as single analy

OceanPack™ for 19" racks
OceanPack™ AUMS Rack

SubCtech GmbH

The classical FerryBox design. Flexible and expandable. Optional water sampler, nutrient analyzer etc

RBRsolo³ T
RBRsolo³ T


The RBRsolo³ T is one of RBR’s most compact, lightweight and versatile single-channel recorders. Its small compact size lends itself to various applications from moo

WIZ in-situ probe
WIZ in-situ probe


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