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OSKER iridium ocean current tracking system
OSKER current tracking system

Xeos Technologies Inc

The OSKER is an easily deployed surface current tracker, with integrated Iridium & GPS antennas and power.

SeaOWL UV-A™ (Sea Oil-in-Water™ Locator)
SeaOWL UV-A™ (Sea Oil-in-Water™ Locator)

Sea-Bird Scientific


hs engineers Dr.-Ing. Schlüter VDI

OceanPack™ AUMS Mobile
OceanPack™ AUMS Mobile

SubCtech GmbH

Highly mobile, extremely robust design, low weight and low energy consumption.

OceanPack™ for 19" racks
OceanPack™ AUMS Rack

SubCtech GmbH

The classical FerryBox design. Flexible and expandable. Optional water sampler, nutrient analyzer etc

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