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TOPODRONE LiDAR Post Processing

Powerful & affordable post processing software

TOPODRONE Post Processing is designed for advanced GNSS data post-processing, image geo-tagging and LIDAR points cloud generation, supports full range of TOPODRONE PPK & LIDAR systems, DJI Phantom 4RTK, DJI P1, AUTEL EVO II PRO RTK as well as any kind of coordinate systems and GEOIDs.

  • TOPODRONE LiDAR Post Processing
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1820 Montreux



Software includes the following modules:

  • PPK for GNSS data postprocessing & images geotagging for TOPODRONE PPK equipment
  • RTK post processing & images geotagging for DJI Phantom 4 RTK drones, Autel Evo II Pro RTK, DJI Zenmuse P1 camera
  • LIDAR Post Processing to calculate precise trajectory of LIDAR equipment based on GNSS and IMU data
  • LIDAR Point Cloud Generation to create high precision georeferenced point cloud captured by VELODYNE PUCK, ULTRA PUCK, HDL 32, LIVOX AVIA sensors
  • Static PP - for Static post processing, calculates precise coordinates of the point using base station Rinex file by one vector, and performs mutual alignment of wireframe network.
  • PPP - Precise Point Positioning to calculate point coordinates in ITRF2014 or any coordinate system.
  • GNSS data archive allows to download static rinex data from base stations all over the world 
  • Coordinates converter and more


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