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GNSS Antennas

GNSS Antennas are the main interface between the GNSS satellite constellations and GNSS receivers. They capture the L-band signals transmitted from space, which is the waveband used by many GNSS satellites constellations for broadcasting. Since more and more applications like Precision Agriculture rely on accurate positioning, GNSS Antennas are becoming increasingly important for achieving the best possible results.

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Mini GPS Antenna Splitter
MINI GPS Splitter 1x2

GPS Networking, Inc.

The MLDCBS1X2 GPS Splitter (GNSS Splitter) is a small, lightweight one input, two output device based on the Wilkinson splitter design. The frequency response covers

GNSS Antenna (AX3705)
GNSS Antenna (AX3705)

Tersus GNSS

AX3705 is a helix antenna, which supports four constellations and dual frequency, and is designed for UAV system and mobile devices. It can be used in aerial photogr

Catalyst DA1
Catalyst DA1

Trimble, Inc.

Digital antenna to accompany smart device that enables users to use Trimble Catalyst. Catalyst is a revolutionary offering from Trimble that introduces a software-de



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