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Dynautics Ltd

Dynautics Ltd

Intelligent Marine Technology

“We welcome early interaction with new vessel designers and customers who want to convert existing vessels to be totally, or optionally, uncrewed. Our products range from simple entry level, but advanced, systems for small electrically propelled boats to complete vessel control systems. We supply training and simulation packages for designing UUV and USV's. We supply the most advance autopilots including hover, DP and CA features, instrumentation power control systems and numerous satellite or RF communications solutions. It is proven technology and can be used to speed your development and it has a proven ability to reduce your time to a successful mission. Please call or email us for a chat and share your mission.”

– Henry Robinson, Dynautics CEO
Henry Robinson, Dynautics CEO
About Dynautics Ltd

Dynautics is a pioneering provider of intelligent technology for uncrewed marine missions worldwide.

We supply the most advance electronics for Uncrewed Marine Systems.

Thousands of miles have been successfully navigated using our vehicle management technologies. We help you open up the marine world to new levels of exploration, assessment, security, charting and research.

Dynautics Ltd

Dynautics Ltd
Birch House, Parklands Business Park, Forest Rd,
United Kingdom
0044 (0)23 9226 7607


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Dynautics Ship Sim3 Uncrewed Surface Vessel simulation tool to aid designers
Dynautics Ship Sim 3

Dynautics Ltd

Designing an Autonomous surface vehicle is complex. Numerous design decisions need to be made and this simulation package is the perfect tool to help designers speed

Twin waterjet 60knts patrol boat or RHIBs can be fitted with Dynautics MK4 veseel control system
SPECTRE remote control autopilot

Dynautics Ltd

The SPECTRE remote control autopilot for surface craft (RCAS) was the first system approved for unmanned operation in UK coastal waters by the UK Maritime Coastguard

Survey software (in this case Hydromagic) integrated with Dynautics E-Boat control system.
E-Boat SPECTRE Autopilot

Dynautics Ltd

The E-Boat SPECTRE Autopilot has been incorporated into numerous small electrically propelled vessels, such as the CEE-Hydrosystem USV (pictured), converting their u

AUV Sim was used to design this AUV (UUV) in record time
Dynautics AUV Sim

Dynautics Ltd

Designing an Autonomous sub-surface vehicle is complex. Numerous design decisions need to be made and this simulation package is the perfect tool to help designers s

Dynautics Phantom AUV - modular and customisable
Phantom AUV

Dynautics Ltd

Our expertise in providing Autonomous Underwater Vehicles, including our in house designed Phantom modular AUV and our AUV control systems for the control and commun