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DVLs - Doppler Velocity Logs

A DVL is a sonar system that measures motion under water. DVLs emit sound bursts along beams angled downward in various directions. Echoes that are scattered off the seabed are returned. Because the DVL sonar is aboard a moving vehicle,returning echoes carry a change in pitch; this is the Doppler Effect. Combining these readings tells how fast the vehicle is movingand in what direction.

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Pioneer DVL 300
Pioneer DVL 300

Teledyne Marine

Teledyne RDI ushers in a new era in Doppler velocity log (DVL) technology with the introduction of its 600kHz and 300kHz Pioneer phased array DVLs. After integrating

Nortek DVL 500 - 6000 m
DVL500 - 6000 m


The DVL500 is a universal doppler velocity log that combines compact design with unprecedented functionality. It can fly higher in the water column and closer to the

Teledyne Tasman DVL
Tasman DVL

Teledyne Marine

Teledyne RDI’s new Tasman DVL represents the next generation of DVL technology, promising to take your navigation to the next level. With bottom tracking ranges from

Pathfinder DVL
Pathfinder DVL

Teledyne Marine

This new highly compact 600kHz DVL is small in size and huge on value. Derived from Teledyne RD Instruments’ long-standing, highly reliable DVL technology, this syst


Water Linked

Now you can finally enjoy the power of a high performance DVL on any vehicle without adding significant weight or drag to the vehicle. The revolutionary combination

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