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Nortek Vector Review by Bas Blok

A number of Nortek Vector ADVs have been deployed successfully in various applications, amongst others in bottom mounted tripod/lander frames and suspended in profiling frames. In all deployments the Vector model with probe-on-a-cable was used. Some deployments were in autonomous mode, others in real time mode with the Vector on a cable. In general the Vector yielded data as planned, however, in one occasion a probe cable got damaged due to external impact and in another deployment the pressure sensor got dented (and suffered from excessive zero shift) due to a mussel growing inside the cavity between sensor membrane and protection cap. The documentation contains most of the information needed; however, some information is a bit cumbersome to locate. Details about the alignment and orientation definitions of the cable probe are missing. The instrument is robust, flexible and does not require a lot of energy for its operation.

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