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Mission-Critical Communications Solutions

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About SATEL Oy

SATEL is one of the world’s leading experts in wireless networking technology. We develop high quality connectivity solutions that enable mission-critical connections, utilizing the best characteristics of each technology for real-life use-cases. We also offer network design and technical support, and we have a global distributor network. The company history extends to year 1986. Our mission is to enhance the success of our partners and clients through our technology and expertise. At the heart of our solutions is mission-critical connectivity. We offer reliable and secure connections that keep your business running in all circumstances. The benefits of our technology are high availability, reliability, cyber security, low life cycle costs and easy deployment. SATEL wireless data communications solutions are used globally in wide range of industrial applications; from electricity distribution to windmills, from precision farming to port cranes, from weather stations to racing cars, from real-time passenger information to surveillance systems. The application possibilities are numerous.

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