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About EvoLogics

EvoLogics is a Germany-based high-tech enterprise. It was founded in 2000 by a group of leading international scientists and R&D experts to develop innovative key technologies for the aerospace, maritime and offshore industries through interdisciplinary cooperation between engineering and life sciences. The driving force behind EvoLogics is the attitude that nature has evolved over millions of years to generate the most efficient design and uncovering these design elements can advance human mankind in their development of technologies that are both superior and also environmentally safe. By combining applied research with commercialization, EvoLogics can offer the market, the most advanced technologies as they are developed at the research labs. EvoLogics engineers are also involved closely with the commercial market so as to be aware of the needs of the market while developing applications from their research. S2C technology, the most advanced and most reliable solution to the tasks of hydro-acoustic telemetry, is based on dolphin communication physics and is the basis for our R-series of modems. Our approach to improving engineering by learning from nature also includes a series of new bionic robots with an extraordinary hydrodynamic performance like the award-winning "Manta ray" and the design of underwater manipulators with shape-adaptive gripers driven by fluidic muscles.

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