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Boxfish Research

Boxfish Research

Leading-edge expeditionary, inspection & cinematography class ROVs. New Zealand-built for satisfied customers around the world.

“The attraction initially, was knowing we had the hardest technical challenge ahead of us, and making it work and we did. We have built something that is truly great, and we love that we are pushing the boundaries of technology.”

– The Co-Founders of Boxfish Research
The Co-Founders of Boxfish Research
About Boxfish Research

We are a bunch of enthusiastic explorers, divers, engineers & software developers with a passion for pushing the boundaries of what is believed to be possible!

Boxfish Research began after a chance meeting between three engineers who happened to be trialing home-built ROV’s (remotely operated vehicle) at the same time and location in Auckland, New Zealand. Disappointed with the results and feeling ROV technology had been stagnant since the 90’s they vowed to build a better ROV using up-to-date control algorithms coupled with smart engineering design and software solutions.

Over the course of 5 years, initially part time and then full time, the trio achieved remarkable results. They created an industry leading ROV, that is lightweight, easy to use, easy to deploy combined with unmatched image quality, manoeuvrability, range and depth with elegant simplicity.

Boxfish Research started shipping ROVs in September 2018. We have pending patents for several key areas of our ROV and more patentable designs that are currently treated as trade secrets. Boxfish Research is well placed to achieve its strategic goals with a strong core product range, an excellent development and management team.

Boxfish Research

Boxfish Research
234A Orakei Road
New Zealand


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Boxfish ROV Observation Class ROV
Boxfish ROV

Boxfish Research

The Boxfish ROV is an industry leading observation class ROV with intelligent fault-tolerant design which provides 4K live video from depths of up to 1000 meters, ca

Autonomous Underwater Resident Vehicle – ARV-i

Boxfish Research

ARV-i, designed by Boxfish Research and powered by Transmark SubSea, is an innovative autonomous underwater resident vehicle for continuous monitoring of underwater

Boxfish Alpha Inspection ROV
Boxfish Alpha

Boxfish Research

A reliable and versatile best-in-class ROV for asset inspection and light intervention work at depths of up to 300m. Customised to optimise functionality but reduce

Boxfish Luna | Up to 8K full-frame video | Underwater drone for natural history &research filmmakers
Boxfish Luna

Boxfish Research

The Boxfish Luna drone allows professional cinematographers to capture up to 8K video and 50MP stills up to 1,000 metres underwater. Utilising advanced full-frame im