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MAGNET 3D Exchange

Setup Your Projects for Success Simple Construction File Conversion and Preparation

MAGNET 3D Exchange is a file-conversion and data-preparation application for Topcon machine control.

  • MAGNET 3D Exchange
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Easily manage 3D job files.

MAGNET 3D Exchange is a file conversion and data-preparation application for Topcon machine control. Prepare 3D job files for any job site. Import multiple industry-standard formats, clean up your dataset, and export to keep your operators running on point.

Final design files are never final.

Design changes and adjustments are almost inevitable during construction. The updates and as-builts never stop. MAGNET 3D Exchange gives you the ability to manage the whole data flow from the beginning to the end. Import, convert, and export file formats to support your 3D-MC and GNSS rover systems in the field so everyone is always working with the current design.

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