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Simplify the integration of third-party applications and project data commonly used throughout the entire construction project lifecycle

Allow efficient data exchange and automated workflows between the office and the job site, all within a simple, easy-to-use single platform. AptixTM is the best scenario for using what you already have and connecting to the latest and greatest. With Aptix, open a whole new world of project efficiencies. Constructible models, schedules, and project actuals are much easier to track. Aptix automates workflows for exchanging models, schedule tasks, and production data. Save time and money by automating report generation and eliminating manual data entry across a multi-vendor and multi-stakeholder project environment. Project stakeholders benefit from orchestrating project data through visualization and dashboards to operate more efficiently and profitably.

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Company Level and Project Level Dashboards

Aptix provides project performance analytics via dashboards using advanced analytics to monitor construction activity. Enhance critical decision-making during the project and mitigate cost and time overruns. Gain deeper insight into site activities and optimize earthworks and earthmoving machine and operator performance. Track machine asset location and monitor CO2 emissions from actual machine performance data, filtered by tasks, operator, and machine type. Project challenges become more visible. Avoid major causes of project delays and cost overruns and operate more efficiently and profitably.

Aptix Integration Marketplace

Aptix supports seamless integrations with industry-leading construction application providers. Open APIs allow faster innovation and data flow integration between applications, creating smoother workflows for everyone. Digital integration with Aptix of open and connected APIs connects the lifecycle of a construction project, including applications for project planning and scheduling, infrastructure design and modeling, machine control, telematics, and more. View the Aptix Marketplace and start the path to connecting the office and the job site.

Connect the Job Site and the Office

The site and office connection provides automated workflows and insightful visualization and reporting within a secure client-facing integrations platform. Connected applications, data, and project insights enable information sharing within and across organizations, including subcontractors so that project teams can access real-time data for critical decision-making. Tasks and models are updated automatically on-site.

Enable telematics data from heavy equipment-connected machines to aggregate into the Aptix Integrations Platform for use within automated workflows, dashboards, and reports. When combined with other integrated data sources, like machine control and scheduling systems, integration provides deeper insight into site activities allowing optimization of projects, machine, and operator performance. CO2 emission reporting is generated from actual machine performance data and filtered by tasks, operator, and machine type.

Get Started with the Aptix Integration Platform:

Experience the power of seamless construction application, data, and workflow integration with the Aptix Integration Platform. Streamline construction processes, enhance collaboration, and drive project success.

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