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Kongsberg Maritime Eelume Underwater Intervention Vehicle

Eelume underwater Intervention vehicles are basically self-propelled robotic arms whose slender and flexible body can transit over long distances and carry out light inspection, maintenance and repair jobs in confined spaces not accessible by conventional underwater vehicles. It will be equipped with several types of sensors and tools needed to fulfil its mission.

  • Kongsberg Maritime Eelume Underwater Intervention Vehicle
Kongsberg Maritime
Strandpromenaden 50
3191 Horten
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Eelume marine robots will be permanently installed on the seabed being ready 24/7 for planned and on-demand inspections and interventions regardless of weather conditions. This solution will dramatically save costs by reducing the use of expensive surface vessels, which are needed to support such operations today. Eelume underwater intervention vehicles can be installed on both existing and new fields where typical jobs include; visual inspection, cleaning, and operating valves and chokes. These jobs account for a large part of the total subsea inspection and intervention spend.

Eelume vehicles are modular combinations of joints, thrusters and various payload modules. The slender body allows for precision hovering and manoeuvring even in strong ocean currents.

Sensors and tools can be mounted anywhere along the flexible body. A dual-arm configuration is achieved by mounting tooling in each end and forming the vehicle body into a U-shape. One end of the arm can grab hold to fixate the vehicle, while the other end carry out inspection and intervention tasks. One end of the arm can also provide a perspective camera view of a tool operation carried out at the other end.

All these flexible operational scenarios are made possible by the unique shape-changing capabilities of the Eelume vehicles.


  • Propulsion or glider
  • Length [m]
  • Width [m]
  • Min. weight of AUV in air [kg]
  • Portable
  • Crane required
  • Maximum depth rating [m]
  • Thruster specifications
    Robot manoeuvrability 6x Degrees of Freedom
  • Demonstration Video (YouTube/Vimeo URL)
  • Demonstration Video 2 (YouTube/Vimeo URL)
  • Max. speed [kn]
  • Articulated Viewing head
    Articulated viewing head 2xDoF (+/- 80deg in yaw/pan and pitch/tilt axes)
  • Integral Sensors
    Attitude; Heading; Depth; Altitude
  • Interface Console Dimensions
    0.65m x 0.65m x 0.6m
  • Weight
    20 kg
  • Input Voltage/power
    220V-240V AC / 50Hz or 60Hz / 1.5KW
  • Tether cable Voltage
    300V DC
  • Video recording
    4x 480 Gb Solid State Hard Drive (optional capacity)
  • Tether cable communication
    WiFi (rotating) or Ethernet (fixed)
  • Control Equipment
    Windows 10 Laptop + Eelume Control Software
  • Control Interface
    30 Mouse + Joystick
  • Tether Cable Lenght
  • Tether Cable weight in water
    Neutrally buoyant
  • TMS cable management
    Manual tether cable spooling
  • TMS dimensions
    1.0m x 1.0m x 0.9m
  • TMS weight (incl 500m cable)

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