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Multibeam Echosounders for USV Platforms


For a number of UK clients, the opportunity to work with leading edge technology combined with new deployment methodology is attractive in order to increase efficiency, lower costs, and utilise innovation.

Recently, the UK-based NORBIT team has been supporting clients by introducing the NORBIT WBMS family of multibeam systems into installation platforms that were previously challenging for multibeam systems

Multibeam Echosounders for USV Platforms

For inland and coastal surveys, a Maritime Robotics Otter USV has been deployed with a NORBIT iWBMSh multibeam system on various missions. 

Although the 15-hour vehicle duration capability was not fully utilised, the vehicle’s compact size and light weight enabled it to be hand-carried by two personnel into remote terrain. 

Despite the small size, the INS positioned catamaran platform enabled detailed inspection of reservoir assets using the high resolution multibeam system.

Multibeam Echosounders for USV Platforms

NORBIT iWBMSh systems have been deployed on multiple larger USV platforms from ASV Ltd., enabling coastal waters and areas of significant sea state to be surveyed.

The NORBIT iWBMSh system was installed along with the iLiDAR option allowing terrestrial LiDAR data to be simultaneously collected by a single integrated system. The ease of installation, combined with the NORBIT’s ground breaking small form factor enabled the ASV Ltd vessel to fully maximise its sea handling and performance.

Multibeam Echosounders for USV Platforms

Under more traditional means, a NORBIT iWBMS has been used on a small aluminium vessel, with the complete IHO Special Order survey spread powered by DC car batteries.

The versatility of the NORBIT system design was appreciated further as the mobilisation and demobilisation time was measured in minutes as opposed to hours.

Other NORBIT provided standard products such as the Travel Mount –a prefabricated lightweight mounting pole –contributed to minimal installation time.

Multibeam Echosounders for USV Platforms

In subsea operations, a Dual Head NORBIT WBMS system is mounted on the Bibby HydroMap d’ROP - a small innovate ROV - which also demonstrated the ability to utilise a smal lcompact MUX solutions.

NORBIT are confident that as the ROV market seeks greater value offerings yet demanding high performance that WBMS solutions will become more commonplace.

Multibeam Echosounders for USV Platforms

Using their small and easily deployable EchoBoat USV from SeaFloor Systems Inc., Caintech are conducting Hydrographic and Marine Engineering Surveys with their iWBMS.

Forth Ports use their iWBMSh for both hydrographic charting for safety of navigation, plus additional engineering inspection operations.

Multibeam Echosounders for USV Platforms

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