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360 Degrees Cameras

360 Camera systems consist of a collection of cameras working together to create a 360-degree image of the surrounding area. Traditionally these systems are used in surveying and inspection jobs because every viewing direction is captured simultaneously. However, Virtual Reality image capturing is an increasingly popular application area for these types of cameras.
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Boxfish 360 | Up to 5K spherical video | Underwater 360 VR/AR camera for film, science and adventure
Boxfish 360

Boxfish Research

The Boxfish 360’s three large Micro Four Thirds cameras provide 4.9x the sensor area of rigs, with six action cameras, resulting in a crisper image and more detail.

iSTAR Pulsar
iSTAR Pulsar+

NCTech Ltd

iSTAR Pulsar+ offers ‘Big Data’ capture in a compact solution, giving you full control to process, store and utilize your data.

iSTAR Fusion
iSTAR Fusion

NCTech Ltd

Designed for rapid, high precision 360º imaging, iSTAR Fusion is a panoramic camera that captures full HDR spherical immersive images for efficient visual documentat

Spheron Camera - SpheronLite
Spheron Camera - SpheronLite


Purposely built 360 degree camera for mobile mapping. Build for Mapping, only for Mapping. We solve a small set of problems in the best way possible.
12K 360 Camera for Mobile Mapping and Street View / Ladybug 5 successor

Mosaic 51

The most durable, precise and practical 360 degrees camera for urban mapping and surveying. All-in-one solution for mobile mapping and street view data collection.

Ladybug5 - 30 MP, 360 Video Streaming
Ladybug5 - 30 MP, 360 Video Streaming

Point Grey Research

Panorama USB3 smallest cameras
Panorama USB3 smallest cameras


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