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220WXH WeatherStation® Instrument
220WXH WeatherStation® Instrument

AIRMAR Technology Corporation

The 220WXH is a durable, feature-rich weather multisensor for land and marine vessels and platforms.

200WX-IPX7 Ultrasonic WeatherStation
200WX-IPX7 WeatherStation® Instrument

AIRMAR Technology Corporation

The 200WX-IPX7 is a marine and offshore weather multisensor designed to provide accurate data to enable operational decision-making for USVs, ASVs and other dynamic

150WXS WeatherStation® Instrument
150WXS WeatherStation® Instrument

AIRMAR Technology Corporation

The 150WXS Multisensor's rugged, maintenance-free construction makes it ideal for remote installations or as part of a network of stationary or deployable sensors.

110WXS WeatherStation® Instrument
110WXS WeatherStation® Instrument

AIRMAR Technology Corporation

The model 110WXS is AIRMAR’s entry level solution for stationary, land-based weather monitoring applications.

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Weather Station: wind speed, direction and gusts , rainfall, air temperature, atmospheric pressure, vapor pressure, relative humidity, lightning strikes & distance


Obscape’s Weather Station supplies you with real-time weather data, incl. a secure, free-to-use Data Portal. This robust and user-friendly device combines Obscape’s

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