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Transponders (Acoustic Release and Positioning)

A Transponder is an instrument for navigation and communication. These devices receive signals over a range of uplink frequencies and will re-transmit the signals, usually with amplification. Because Transponders are fitted with low power units, they can be integrated in a wide variety of systems.

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Kongsberg cNODE Mini
cNODE Mini

Kongsberg Maritime

cNODE Midi
cNODE Midi

Kongsberg Maritime

Oceano MF transponder - ET861-R
Oceano MF - Transponders for acoustic positioning


Transponder for Acoustic Positioning

R12K Acoustic Transponding Release
R12K Acoustic Transponding Release

Teledyne Marine

RT 6-1000
RT 6-1000

Sonardyne International

Introducing RT 6-1000, our new entry-level acoustic release transponder that comes with features that are far from entry-level. Such as 1,000 metre depth rating, bat

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