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SLANTRANGE SlantRange 4P+ Multispectral Sensor

The SlantRange 4P+ is SlantRange's highest resolution sensor system combines a hardware and analytics architecture to deliver the most accurate and reliable measurements, so you can trust your data for important decisions.

The 4P+ industry leading ultra-high resolution imaging delivers the most advanced data products available in aerial agronomy, data that only human scouts have been able to produce until now.

  • SLANTRANGE SlantRange 4P+ Multispectral Sensor
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Patented on-board sunlight calibration

Unless properly corrected, changing sunlight conditions will change your measurements and cause errors that can lead to poor farming decisions. To correct this, we pioneered and patented the industry’s first on-board sunlight correction capability with our Ambient Illumination Sensors (AIS). The result is data you can trust over a wide range of illumination conditions, without the need for cumbersome “calibration panels” on the ground. (US Patents 9,470,579 and 9,791,316)

Ultra-high spatial resolution

Measurement accuracy extends beyond sunlight calibration. Satellite or other aerial measurement systems suffer from a major error due to “spectral mixing”, where your vegetation measurements are contaminated with measures of soils, shadows, or other field residue due to poor spatial resolution. Our sensor systems deliver ultra-high resolution to enable our analytics tools to separate these signals for pure vegetation measurements.

Spectrally True

Our sensor systems are available with spectral resolutions as fine as 10 nm to isolate those critical signatures of changing health conditions. Color (“RGB”) cameras and other broadband “spectral” sensors with bandwidths greater than 100 nm can’t detect subtle, early indicators.


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