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Thermal, Multi- and Hyperspectral Cameras

Thermal, Multispectral and Hyperspectral Cameras are three different types of cameras used for different imaging tasks. The three cameras work with different wavelengths in the visible and invisible electromagnetic spectrum to capture the desired object attributes.

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Telops' MS-IR is a multispectral camera equipped with an 8-position fast-rotating filter wheel.


The MS-IR infrared cameras are equipped with an 8-position fast-rotating filter wheel, which allows the scene signal to be split into different spectral bands rather

Telops Hyper-Cam Airborne Mini
Hyper-Cam Airborne Mini


The Hyper-Cam Airborne Mini is a revolutionary infrared hyperspectral imaging system that couples high spatial, spectral and temporal resolution with advanced miniat

Phase One 4-Band Multispectral Solution
4-Band Multi-Spectral Solution

Phase One

A fully automatic solution developed for capturing and processing 4-Band imagery, using two high-resolution (RGB & NIR), Phase One aerial cameras, specifically desig

Hyper-Cam LW
Hyper-Cam LW


Hyper-Cam MW
Hyper-Cam MW


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