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Propulsion motor - POD 25.0 Subsea

Propulsion motor - POD 25.0 Subsea

The better alternative for an inboard motor

A rim drive motor is the most simplified motor design which is ever made. But don't confuse simplified with less powerful. After finalizing the production process a rim drive POD motor is consisting out of only eight parts without any sealing needed.


Rim Drive Technology believes in offering the total solution for every client within every market. From electric motor to battery, from throttle control to battery monitor.

A rim drive motor has some specific advantages in comparison to other (electric) motors:

Unleash power with a maximum input of 25.0kW and a 96V nominal voltage, achieving over 90% efficiency. Immediate acceleration sets it apart, while a compact and lightweight design makes this product truly ideal for the most space-conscious installations. With only one rotating part, maintenance is minimized. Enjoy versatility with clockwise, counterclockwise, and symmetric directions for every motor. Plus, all motors are completely waterproof with an IP68 rating, achieved by completely casting the motor not by using sealings. The design also minimizes risk of damage to the propeller, perfect performance in any environment. Motor controller is included.

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Length [cm]


Diameter [cm]


Weight in air [kg]


Propeller diameter [cm]


Outer Dimensions [cm]



Date of first release


Dust & Water Proof [IP]


Housing Material

Anodized Aluminium

Max depth [m]


Mounting possibilities

Mounting holes, azimuth, outboard

Number of thrusters


Price (€)


Distinguishable Feature

Shaftless motor - no oils required - salt water resistant - one rotating part

Other Features

No wear items integrated - completely water lubricated - minimal dimensions

Propeller Specifications

Type of motor

Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM)

Propeller design


Cable Length


Power consumption

Power consumption [W]


Operating current [Amp]

0 - 260

Max Current [A]




Supply Voltage [V]


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