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Monitors key air quality parameters. Email and SMS alerts via the EasyLog Cloud. Displays current, maximum and minimum measurements Automatically uploads data to the EasyLog Cloud Even when WiFi is lost, measurements are recorded



The EL-IOT-CO2 is an air quality meter that provides insight into carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity. This device continuously monitors the moisture and comfort of the environment, including CO₂. The data is automatically uploaded to the EasyLog Cloud, allowing instant viewing, analysis and downloading of complete readings from any device with an Internet connection. Within minutes, the device is set up. You can configure your own alarms for each measured parameter. When one of the alarms is exceeded, an alarm goes off immediately, and the set contacts receive an e-mail and text message.

Calibration functions

It is important that measurements are made accurately. Therefore, there are two calibration functions on the device. When the sensor is exposed to atmospheric CO₂ concentrations of about 400ppm at least once a week, the device is self-calibrating and does not require manual operations.

Sometimes the device will request a manual calibration to restore accuracy. You then place the unit outside or next to an open window for fresh air and press the "CALIBRATE" button to start the process, and the display will change temporarily. After a few minutes, the display will show the current readings and then the process is finished.

This meter is excellent for monitoring classroom values. Ventilation for schools is critical to monitor the CO₂ value in the classroom.

The meter complies with:

  • Guidelines for the indoor and outdoor environment for elementary school (RIMV/2016).
  • Schools building code 2012
  • SUVIS regulation





Length [cm]


Weight in air [kg]


Max Operating Temperature [degr]


Min Operating Temperature [degr]


Battery type

USB and Battery

Battery duration [hr]


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