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HUGIN Superior

HUGIN Superior

The most advanced and capable commercially available AUV

Designed as the most capable AUV, HUGIN Superior carries a comprehensive suite of payload sensors enabling it to be used for geophysical, hydrography, environmental and defence applications. It offers the best data quality and coverage coupled with the most accurate navigation and positioning solution there is. Packaged as a complete system, HUGIN Superior carries more sensors than ever before over greater distances enhancing productivity and cost-effectiveness.


The HUGIN Superior AUV System is the most capable commercially available AUV. It offers the best data quality and coverage coupled with the most accurate navigation and positioning solution there is. Packaged as a complete system, HUGIN Superior carries more sensors than ever before over greater distances enhancing productivity and cost effectiveness. HUGIN Superior is simply the best AUV you can get.

Key Features

  • Most capable AUV available
  • High resolution data set with next generation SAS and multibeam echosounders
  • Increased area coverage rate with long range sensors
  • Improved navigation with in-mission MicroNavigation providing better than 0.04% distance travelled accuracy
  • 30% greater energy density for improved endurance
  • Greater productivity through wider area coverage, greater effective survey time and faster access to data

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Max. speed [kn]



Propulsion or glider


Length [m]


Max. Weight of AUV in air [kg]


Maximum depth rating [m]


Telemetry and Control

Navigation Units. GNSS

Surface GPS with L2 and SBAS options.

Navigation Units. DVL

Doppler Velocity Log with bottom and water track

Navigation Unit 1

Navigation grade IMU

Navigation Unit 2

Kongsberg Sunstone Aided Inertial Navigation System (AINS)

Navigation Unit 3

SAS micro Navigation (DPCA)

Navigation Unit 4

High accuracy depth sensor

Navigation Unit 5

Forward Looking Sonar (FLS) with advanced terrain following, collision avoidance and under ice functionality.

Navigation Unit 6

USBL positinioning and aiding using Kongsberg HiPAP systems

Navigation Unit 7

Single Transponder positioning

Navigation Unit 8

Terrain referenced navigation

Software Included

Software Included 1

Hugin Operator Station (HOS)

Software Included 2

Kongsberg Control Processor (CP), Payload Processor (PP), Sunstone Postea (formely NavLab) navigation post-processing.

Software Included 3

Reflection post misssion visualisation package available

Software Included 4

Autonomous pipeline tracking using HISAS and EM multibeam

Software Included 5

SITAR in-mission automatic targer recognition available


Communication Sensor 1

cNODE acoustic communication (low and medium freq. options)

Communication Sensor 2

Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11g)

Communication Sensor 3

UHF 2-way radio link

Communication Sensor 4

Irridium emergency localization beacon (incl. battery backup)

Communication Sensor 5

Iridium over-the horizon 2-way satelite link

Navigation and Payload

Payload sensors - standard

Kongsberg HISAS 1032 Dual-Rx Synthetic Aperture Sonar (SAS) with high resolution 5x5 cm SAS imagery, 20x20x20 SAS bathymetry @ 200m. Long range 500m @ 2.5 knots, 300m @ 4 knots. High area coverage rate: 4.5 sq.km/h.

Payload sensors 2

EM 2040 mkII MBES with tripple frequency: 200/300/400 kHz. Wide Swath up to 150 degrees of flat bottom. Dual swath (dual ping), multiple detenctions and water column data logging options.

Payload sensors 3

Edge Tech sub-bottom profiler

Payload sensors 4

CTD sensor

Payload sensors 5

Digital still image color camera

Payload sensors 6

Laser profiler

Payload sensors 7

Magnetometer and turbidity sensor

Payload sensors 8

Acoustc Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP)

Payload sensors 9

Methane (CH4) sensor


Total energy content [Wh]

Lithium polymer battery. 62.5 kWh enerhy capacity

Endurance at nominal power [hr]

72 hours at 3 knots. 52 hours at 4 kn, payloads running 90 % of the time.

Battery swap

Hot-swappable batteries for fast turnaround. Battery certified for transport by air, sea and land.

Recharge time from empty [hr]


More information


Defence applications Mine countermeasures - MCM Rapid environmental assessment - REA Intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance - ISR And more ...

Commercial Options

High-resolution high-speed seabed mapping and imaging Geophysical site inspection Pipeline and subsea structure inspection Oceanographic surveys Environmental monitoring Marine geological survey Search operations



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