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Seafloor Systems, Inc. HydroLite-MB

Portable, integrated multibeam system for hydrographers

The HydroLite-MB™ is a portable, turnkey, integrated multibeam system scalable to meet your performance and budget requirements. With kits ranging from entry level, to workhorse, to professional levels, Seafloor Systems can provide a solution for low to ultra-high resolution data while maintaining productivity and performance.

  • Seafloor Systems, Inc. HydroLite-MB
Seafloor Systems, Inc.
4415 Commodity Way
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United States


The Hydrolite-MB™ is a portable dual frequency echosounder. Similar to the HydroLite-TM, it comes with a versatile pole kit and is ready to log depths out of the box. The system combines both low frequency (30 kHz) and high frequency (200 kHz) transducers in one unit, enabling it to work at longer ranges and in some cases, penetrate soft sediments to detect surface and underlying sediment layers. GPS and data collector sold separately.

Each system is pre-configured and pre-calibrated on its mounting frame. The configuration includes:

  • Shallow water multibeam echosounder
  • Inertial navigation system for heave, pitch, roll, heading and positioning
  • Sound Velocity Probe
  • Portable Mounting Pole
  • On-site operational training (upon request)

Combined with the software for survey planning, data collection, patch test calibration, and data processing, the package offers everything required to conduct, collect, and analyze important high-resolution multibeam survey data.


  • Mounting
    Hull mounted & Portable
  • Retractable
  • Type of system
  • Min. frequency [kHz]
  • Max. frequency [kHz]
  • Depth resolution [mm]
  • Min. beam width across track [deg]
  • Min. beam width along track [deg]
  • max Swath Update Rate

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