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NorPix, Inc Paved Surface Capture

Geo-Mapping Imaging Capture

With StreamPix you can mix and match capture from multiple cameras at different speeds and resolutions. Paved Surface Capture allows you to Capture from multiple cameras simultaneously. Georeference images from NMEA compatible GPS in a high resolution and high frame rate while the image capture rate is synchronized with the vehicle speed using the DMI device.

  • NorPix, Inc Paved Surface Capture
NorPix, Inc
1751 Richardson Street / Suite 2203
H3K 1G6 Montreal
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  •  Capture from multiple cameras simultaneously.
  •  High resolution and high frame rate.
  •  Georeference images from NMEA compatible GPS.
  •  Sync image acquisition with DMI output rate.
  •  Image capture rate is synchronized with vehicle speed.
  •  Adjust capture rate as a sub-multiple of the DMI output rate.
  •  Uncompressed high-quality video for post-processing.
  •  Supports over 200 different brands of cameras and frame grabbers.
  •  Compact fanless recording stations for robust applications.


  •  Paved surface inspection.
  •  Railways.
  •  Pipelines inspection.
  •  Power transmission and distribution.
  •  Roadway asset management.
  •  Roadside feature inventory.




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