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GPS and Heading

GPS and heading devices provide machines and humans with an accurate position and heading information. The heading of a device, measured in degrees from magnetic north, is the compass direction in which it is moving (hence heading) or should be moving. The GPS direction is calculated from the last two locations where the object was discovered.

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Unicore UM982 High Precision RTK/Heading GNSS Module
UM982 Multi-Constellation Multi-Frequency RTK Positioining and Heading Module

Unicore Communications

UM982 is Unicore’s new-generation proprietary high-precision positioning and heading module, based on the Nebulas IV™ SoC. The UM982 simultaneously tracks multiple f

Full keyboard RTK device
T21 Full Keyboard Rugged Handheld


The T21 full keyboard rugged handheld has a combination of connectivity options and standard features, including a D89 series port, Wi-Fi and 3G/4G, which provides e

VN-310 Dual Antenna GNSS/INS
VN-310 Dual Antenna GNSS/INS

VectorNav Technologies

The VN-310 is a tactical-grade, high-performance Dual Antenna GNSS-Aided Inertial Navigation System (Dual GNSS/INS). Incorporating the latest inertial sensor and GNS

Howay GIS P78P RTK android tablet - GPS & Heading - -Compare with Similar Products on
P78P RTK android tablet


The P78P features an embedded uBlox ZED F9P for high precision up to centimetres, A high resolution bright 8” display, 5 point touch screen, front 5MP and rear 13MP

VN-300 Rugged Dual Antenna GNSS/INS
VN-300 Rugged Dual Antenna GNSS/INS

VectorNav Technologies

Incorporating the latest solid-state MEMS sensor technology,the VN-300 combines 3-axis accelerometers, gyros,magnetometers, a barometric pressure sensor, two GNSSrec

Unicore UM980 High Precision RTK GNSS Module
UM980 All-constellation, All-Frequency, High Precision RTK Positioning Module

Unicore Communications

UM980 is Unicore’s new-generation proprietary high-precision positioning, based on the Nebulas IV™ SoC. The UM980 simultaneously tracks multiple frequencies of all G

Compass 3
Compass 3

SOUTH Surveying & Mapping

The Compass 3 integrates with precision
GNSS module, high-performance antenna,
4G network module, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Hemisphere Vector V200 GNSS Compass
Vector V200 GNSS Compass

Hemisphere GNSS

Experience superior navigation from the accurate heading and positioning performance available with the Vector™ V200 GNSS compass. The multi-GNSS Vector V200 support

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