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GPR - Ground Penetrating Radars

Ground-penetrating Radar (GPR) enables the non-destructive characterisation of the subsoil by using electromagnetic waves. In the civil sector GPR is used to investigate the upper layers of the Earth's crust, whereas in the military sector it can be used to detect mines and other unexploded ordnance (UXO) in combination with UXO Detection and Analysis Software.

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Raptor 45 - 18 Channel
Raptor-45 Vehicle-Mount (18-Channel)


Raptor-45, a modern 450 MHz 3D GPR Array solution that consists of a separable transmitter and digital receiver that form an adaptable self-contained radar system bu

High Speed Dual-Channel 2D GPR
CrossOver GPR Antenna Series


CrossOver is a general-purpose series of GPR-systems, in three different housings and with 6 separate frequencies in the range 70- to 800MHz. It is designed for the

4 wheel and 2 wheel IDS GeoRadar - Opera DUO 250/700MHz
Opera DUO Dual Frequency GPR

IDS GeoRadar North America

Dual Antenna push cart GPR with a 250MHz and a 700MHz central frequency antenna combined in an intuitive and robust platform for subsurface imaging.

SRS SafeRailSystem
SRS SafeRailSystem

IDS GeoRadar North America

This high-speed radar system (more than 300km/h) is made of three or four antennas and can be easily mounted on any rail carriage or locomotive safe rail system. SRS


IDS GeoRadar North America

RIS MF Hi-Mod is a robust high performance multi-use ground penetrating radar system capable of scanning large areas in a short period of time and providing an accur

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