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SBG Systems Qinertia

INS/GNSS Post-Processing Software

Want to improve your navigation data, to access further analysis, to fix some outages in your trajectory? Qinertia PRO gives access to post-processing to all SBG sensors, in all applications/environments.

  • SBG Systems Qinertia
SBG Systems
1, avenue Eiffel
78420 Carrières-sur-Seine
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Qinertia is the SBG Systems' in-house post-processing software. This full-featured software enhances SBG inertial navigation systems performance by post processing inertial data with raw GNSS observables.

Webinar PPK for UAV Photogrammetry on 1 July 17:00 CEST

You can register now for this webinar planned for July 1st, 17:00 CEST (UTC+2), and entitled “PPK for UAV Photogrammetry: THE optimal workflow to reduce GCP and maximize ROI – featuring DJI Phantom 4 RTK”.

The webinar will explain how Qinertia can dramatically reduce GCP need and maximize ROI with an optimal workflow demonstrated with a DJI Phantom 4 RTK.

It will be presented by Raphaël Siryani, Chief Software Architect and Co-Founder of SBG Systems.



  • Year of introduction
  • Area of Application
    Marine, Airborne, Land
  • Compatible Receivers
    Compatible with third-party IMUs and all GNSS receivers. Native support of Septentrio, Novatel, Trimble, and U-blox.
  • Area of application
    Marine, Airborne, Land
  • Processing type
  • Coverage
    Qinertia gives access to offline RTK corrections from more than 7,000 base stations located in 164 countries - and always up-to-date.
  • RTK Corrections Via NTRIP Network
  • SBAS
  • Signal
  • Other
    Virtual Base Station to survey with baseline up to 100 km
  • Operating System
    Windows, Mac OS, Linux
  • INS Integration
  • Interface
    Modern & Intuitive Interface. Easy-to-use step by step projectcreation wizard. Advanced quality & feedback indicators.
  • Other
    Qinertia has been designed to be easily integrated in your production workflow. Qinertia supports RINEX industry standard, and for a better integration, Septentrio, Novatel, and Trimble native binary format.. A very powerful ASCII export feature allows seamless integration with any third-party software. SBET and Google Earth are also supported for improved interoperability.
  • Distinguishable features
    Tight Coupling INS/GNSS fusion. + 7,000 Base Stations always up-to-date. Virtual Base Station. Open to all IMUs. Fastest Processing.
  • Typical applications
    Qinertia has been designed to help surveyors get the most of their surveys with simplicity.
  • Subscription

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