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Harxon Corporation X-SurveyTM Antenna HX-CSX100A

Innovative 4in1 Multifunction Antenna to RTK Applications

Support GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, GALILEO signal reception; Support 4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth; Stable phase center guarantees the accuracy of positioning within centimeter-level; Powerful system compability, easy for machine integration.

  • Harxon Corporation X-SurveyTM Antenna HX-CSX100A
Harxon Corporation
1001 Zhonshanyuan Road, Nanshan District
518000 Shenzhen.


4IN1 Navigation Plus Communication Antenna

X-SurveyTM Antenna is the unique 4in1 OEM antenna for both navigation and communication in the surveying applications. It provides standard Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 4G, and multiple constellation signals reception for GNSS positioning.

High Phase Center Stability

The high gain and wide beam width with GNSS antenna features a multi-point feeding technology, ensuring a high phase center stability and positioning accuracy. Moreover, the array-arranged 4G antennas provides more stable signals and longer communication distance at different directions.

Powerful System Compatibility but Prevent Interference

X-SurveyTM Antenna provides high isolation among each antenna to prevent self-interference, hence improves the RTK system compatibility. RF coaxial connectors are designed for plug-and-use, keeping a high efficiency and lowering the impact of EMI. The antenna LNA features an excellent out-of-band rejection performance, which can also suppress the EMI, providing reliable GNSS signals.

Easy Integration Design for Precision Applications

The unique structure design simplifies the RTK integration, and minimizes the overall machine dimension, aiming to bring system integrators high efficiency performance of navigation and communication in surveying and precision agriculture applications



  • Year of introduction
  • Height [m]
  • Depth [m]
  • Width [m]
  • Total Weight [kg]
  • Type
    Aerial, Land
  • Design keywords
    Anti-Jam, Geodetic Antenna, Rugged
  • Operating temperature: min. [°C]
  • Operating temperature: max. [°C]
  • Humidity resistance
    95% non-condensing
  • Min. operating power [V]
  • Max. operating power [V]
  • Tracked satellite signals
    GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou
  • Type of GPS measurements
    L1, L2, L5
  • Type of GLONASS measurements
    L1, L2, L3
  • Type of Galileo measurements
    E1, E5, E6
  • Type of Beidou measurements
    B1, B2, B3
  • Type of SBAS measurements
  • Signal gain [dB]
  • L-Band
  • Amplifier
  • Other Connectors
    SMP female(customized)

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