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Gamma Spectrometers

A gamma spectrometer is an active instrument which emits and gamma-rays and receives the reflection of the absorbed of emitted pulses. The energy difference between the emitted and received pulse are used to identify particular elements and isotopes. Because these elements and isotopes absorb the energy pulse or emit energy, an identifiable fingerprint for each element is created. Gamma spectrometers are used in mining to map soil properties and geology or, as for example, radioactive pollution, in agriculture to measure soil density and soil moisture content.

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MS-350 gamma ray spectrometer

Medusa Radiometrics

Medusa’s MS-350 “Ultralight Detector” is a low-power, lightweight and robust gamma-ray detector system especially suited for small-scale surveys by unmanned aerial v


Medusa Radiometrics

The Medusa Radiometrics MS-2000-CsI-MTS product line of radiation detection systems comprises a line of low-power, lightweight and robust gamma-ray sensors developed

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