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K.U.M. Umwelt- und Meerestechnik Kiel GmbH Vibrocorer Series

An Easy to Use and Proven (Vibration) Coring System

Vibrocorer has three different versions 3/6/9 Series. A sophisticated, electrically driven, vibrating coring system that can extract optimum samples at speed in depths of up to 1000 m or more. The original Med C Vibrocorer- VC(VKG) 3/6/9- has been successfully operating in harsh climates and challenging deep sea conditions for many years.

  • K.U.M. Umwelt- und Meerestechnik Kiel GmbH Vibrocorer Series
K.U.M. Umwelt- und Meerestechnik Kiel GmbH
Wischhofstr. 1–3
24148 Kiel
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Satisfied clients include Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency Germany, MMT Sweden, Fugro and Geo Marine Survey System (Geo-Corer) in the Netherlands, Next Geosolutions Italy and Jan De Nul Belgium. 

The Vibrocorer is available for full purchase including all additional equipment and consumables required. If your operation only requires the Vibrocorer for a set period of time, we can provide the equipment on a rental or lease basis regardless of your project length. 

Features / Benefits:

  • Up to 40 cores/sites are extracted per day.
  • Just 5- minute penetration and extraction time (with unlimited runtime).
  • Unique decoupling design resulting in minimum vibrational deadweight.
  • Can be operated on smaller vessels with a winch/lift capacity of just 20 kN.
  • A standard core barrel length of 6 m can be adjusted all the way down to 3 m.
  • Split barrels are available up to 9 m, with transparent liners for enlarged dimensions.



  • Smaller and lighter than others on the market.
  • Great penetration power and far greater efficiency, by overcoming friction in sediments.
  • Optimal cores in fine, middle and grain sand.


D-TUBES, Liner Tubes & Storage Rack

A sediment-core protective casing and storage rack (D-TUBE – KR 135 & KR 100, LINER TUBE – KL 125 & KL 90).

Sediment cores and samples from the seabed help geologists determine the lithology of the underlying strata and associated characteristics. It is of utmost importance that the preservation, storage and transport of these samples are conducted safely to avoid any damage or contamination. K.U.M. has designed a variety of Liner Tubes and D-Tubes as well as an associated Storage Rack system for all core handling and storage needs.

Liner Tubes

These reside within the corer instrument and act as the first contact with the sediment core. Once all scores are collected, the Liner Tubes can be cut lengthways to present a cross-section view along with the core, ready for geological analysis. Once completed the cores can be taken and placed safely into D-Tubes.

D-Tubes (Sediment Core Storage)

These are for the long-term storage of sediment cores, providing protection from contamination and negating moisture loss. After being placed into the Liner Tubes and cut in half, each segment of the core is then placed into a D-Tube. Humidity is self-regulated by the inclusion of a wet synthetic sponge and each tube includes two lids.

Storage Racks (Grid Box)

These are designed to be transported in standard 20-foot containers and allow for vertical stacking up to 6m. The rack is comprised of a galvanised steel frame, two insertable grids and a side grid. Each core segment stored can be separately accessed from the storage rack.




  • Power supply [V]
  • Height {m}
  • Diameter [mm]
  • Depth rating [m]
  • Vibrating frequency [Hz]
  • Vibration force [kN]
  • Penetration depth [m]

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