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The HydroSurveyor-M9, powered by HYPACK, collects bathymetric, water column velocity profile and acoustic bottom tracking data as part of a hydrographic survey. Full water column velocity mapping, 5-beam depth sounding and acoustic bottom tracking (for speed over the ground when GPS is lost) provide comprehensive data for a complete solution with a single package.

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INTEGRATED WITH HYPACK® [Learn more] The HydroSurveyor is a system designed to collect bathymetric, water column velocity profile, and acoustic bottom tracking data as part of a hydrographic survey.  The two key components of the system are the HydroSurveyor Acoustic Doppler Profiler (ADP®) platform, and the powerful, yet user-friendly, data collection software. With the HydroSurveyor platform, SonTek is able to offer an exclusive 5-beam depth sounding device, with built-in navigation, full water column velocity (currents) profiling, full compensation for speed of sound (with the CastAway-CTD), and integrated positioning solution.


With built-in automatic data gridding and interpolation, even intricate surveys will not require specialized complex software, saving you time and money.

•    Sound speed integration and interpolation (with CastAway-CTD)
•    Speed over ground (Acoustic Bottom Tracking)
•    5-beam depth soundings (50° swath)
•    Water column velocity (currents) mapping
•    Automatic data gridding and interpolation
•    360° compass and two-axis tilt sensor
•    Interface for customer-supplied GPS and/or heading sensor

Addtional Options:

•    CastAway-CTD
•    Upgrade for existing RiverSurveyor M9 systems
•    SonTek RTK GPS or DGPS
•    Delrin/aluminum boat mount
•    Bluetooth/spread spectrum telemetry


  • Power supply (internal/external with specs)
    12-18 V DC
  • Operating temperature: min. [°C]
  • Operating temperature: max. [°C]
  • Depth — Accuracy
    0.02m (sound speed corrected)
  • Depth — Resolution
  • Swath Width
  • Profiling Range — Distance
    0.06m to 40m
  • Profiling Range — Velocity
    ± 10 m/s
  • Velocity — Accuracy
    Up to ± 0.25%, ± 0.2 cm/s
  • Velocity — Resolution
    0.001 m/s
  • Number of Cells
    Up to 128
  • Cell Size
    0.02m to 4m
  • Acoustic Bottom Tracking — Range
    ± 10 m/s
  • Acoustic Bottom Tracking — Altitude
    0.2 – 40m
  • RTK GPS — Horizontal Precision (Repeatability)
  • DGPS — SBAS GPS Horizontal Accuracy
  • Transducer Configuration
    8-beam Janus (4 x 1MHz; 4 x 3MHz) and 1 Vertical Beam (0.5 MHz)
  • Temperature Sensor — Resolution
    ± 0.01°C
  • Temperature Sensor — Accuracy
    ± 0.1°C
  • Compass — Type
    Solid State type, with Built-in Inclinometer
  • Compass — Range
    Full 360°
  • Compass — Heading Accuracy
    ± 2°
  • Compass — Tilt Accuracy
    ± 1°
  • Storage Temperature
    -20°C to 70°C
  • Beam Specifications. Vertical Beam Range
    0.2m to 80m
  • Beam Specifications. Vertical Slanted Beams Range
    0.2m to 40m
  • Beam Specifications. Vertical Beam Angle
  • Beam Specifications. Slanted Beam Angles.

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