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CTD Systems

A Conductivity Temperature and Pressure (CTD) system is an instrument composed of several sensors used mainly in oceanography. The conductivity is measured to calculate the salinity of the water. By combining salinity with temperature it is possible to calculate the density of water. CTD systems can be equipped with a rosette (metal frame) which holds multiple bottles for taking samples at different depths.

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RBRduo C.T
RBRduo C.T


The RBRduo³ C.T conductivity and temperature logger is our C.T logger built on the years of experience RBR has creating reliable and easy-to-use instruments. The ins

Valeport SWiFT CTD

Valeport Limited

Designed with the intention of a seamless workflow, the new SWiFT CTD the next generation of Valeport’s popular range of SWiFT profilers and delivers enhanced accura

Geomatching | Midas CTD

Valeport Limited

The MIDAS CTD is Valeport's premier CTD Profiler. High accuracy sensors (including ±0.01% pressure) and robust titanium design allow reliable operation to 6000m dept

Geomatching | Aanderaa SeaGuard CTD
SeaGuard CTD

Aanderaa Data Instruments

SeaGuard CTD Recorders may be used as a multi-parameter instrument in the sea and in freshwater and feature a modular plug-and-play architecture. The SeaGuard CTD is

Geomatching | Midas CTD +

Valeport Limited

Perfect for both profiling or fixed mooring applications, the MIDAS CTD+ is a revolutionary Multiparameter CTD with a wide choice of standard sensors.

rapidCTD Profiler
rapidPro CTD

Valeport Limited

The rapidPro CTD has been developed for the rapid collection of conductivity, temperature (Thermistor) and depth without compromising the quality of the data.

Geomatching | CastAway-CTD


The small, handy CastAway-CTD is a lightweight, easy-to-use instrument designed for quick and accurate conductivity, temperature and depth profiles. Each cast is aut

Valeport SWiFT CTDplus Turbidity
SWiFT CTDplus Turbidity

Valeport Limited

Designed for a seamless workflow. The new SWiFT CTDplus Turbidity is the latest in Valeport’s popular range of SWiFT profilers and delivers enhanced accuracy and ver

RBRmaestro³ C.T.D
RBRmaestro³ C.T.D


RBR's multi-parameter, multi-channel loggers are designed to provide you with the flexibility to select the right combination of sensors for your water quality measu

Moving Vessel Profiler (MVP)
Moving Vessel Profiler (MVP)

AML Oceanographic

Moving Vessel Profiler (MVP) is proven to remove both the technical and financial unpredictability associated with survey operations. Oceanographers around the globe

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