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Best Practices for HydroCAT-EP CTD System: Before, During, and After Deployment

The HydroCAT-EP is a high-accuracy multiparameter probe that measures conductivity, temperature, pressure, dissolved oxygen, pH, chlorophyll fluorescence, and turbidity. All of the HydroCAT-EP’s sensors are integrated into a single package with many of them sharing a common flow path. As each sensor has unique requirements, the user must make proper maintenance and deployment considerations to ensure data quality and sensor longevity. When maintained properly, the HydroCAT-EP is a powerful standalone device for monitoring long-term water quality and environmental conditions without the need for regular service and maintenance. The Sea-Bird Scientific UCI software is the primary interface with the HydroCAT-EP. UCI is loaded with tools for assessing sensor drift and recalibrating prior to and after deployment. This technical note outlines general practices for maintaining the sensor hardware as well as the basics of using UCI to calibrate and evaluate sensor performance. For more in-depth information, consult the HydroCAT-EP instrument manual.

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