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The next generation of TruPulse laser rangefinders begins with the release of the new TruPulse L2, designed to bring precision and accuracy to crews of all sizes. This new addition to the original line of TruPulse laser rangefinders is more compact, accurate, and intuitive than its previous model, the TruPulse 200L.

Laser Tech’s TruPulse L2 release marks the start of the next generation in TruPulse laser rangefinders.

TruPulse L2 Release Begins Next Generation of Laser Tech’s TruPulse Line

CENTENNIAL, CO, August 1st, 2023: Laser Technology Inc. (LTI), manufacturer of the original TruPulse®️ laser rangefinders, proudly announces the release of the new TruPulse L2. 

This next-generation version of Laser Tech’s original TruPulse 200L brings new improvements to a handheld tool that offers professional-grade quality to crews of all sizes. With increased accuracies, faster target acquisition, and several user-centric enhancements to design and functionality, the TruPulse L2 signals a significant evolution for Laser Tech’s most accessible professional measurement device.

“The TruPulse L2 marks an exciting introduction to our next generation of TruPulse laser rangefinders with major advancements applied toward an intuitive user interface and key updates that create new ergonomic, optical, and ranging benefits.”

-Jordan Vermillion, Laser Tech Director of Marketing

The TruPulse L2 features an automatic brightness PDLC display to boost the user experience.

The TruPulse L2 features an automatic brightness PDLC display to boost the user experience.

The TruPulse L2 advances the original TruPulse 200L’s measurement abilities in several areas while maintaining ± 0.5 m (1.6 ft) distance accuracy to typical targets:

  • Max range to reflective targets increased by over 25% 

  • Scope magnification increased by 25%

  • Now 40% greater light transmission

Along with these technical improvements, updates in design evolve the user experience:

  • Physical, visual, and audible feedback during operation simplifies use 

  • Automatic brightness display removes any need to adjust manually 

  • User can choose display color (Red or Black) based upon lighting conditions

  • The scope now features an adjustable diopter focus ring

  • Water and dust proof IP67 environmental rating increases durability

Visit to review full specs and request a quote on the new TruPulse L2 laser rangefinder. 

About Laser Tech 

Laser Technology, Inc. is a Colorado-based manufacturing and design company for innovative laser-based speed and distance measurement instruments to address real-world needs and applications. Laser Tech’s TruPulse® laser rangefinders allow field crews to accurately measure distance, height, and elevation safely and efficiently. When paired with Laser Tech’s LaserSoft® apps, professionals can easily streamline workflows and document every measurement captured.  Learn more at

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