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PozStar™ P5, Korea’s High-performance RTK GNSS Receiver, Starts Entering Overseas Markets!


PozStar™ P5, Korea’s RTK GNSS receiver was released in Korea on November, 2023. The CEO of PozStar™ P5, Dong il Park, said, “PozStar™ P5 can be considered the first domestically developed and manufactured high-precision GNSS receiver. We have focused on the Korea's independent technology development for development of high-precision GNSS receiver. PozStar™ P5 will lead the innovation of GNSS receiver so that it will Increase its competitiveness and expand into global markets.”


The RTK GNSS Receiver with High-Performance IMU

It is the 1408-channel GNSS receiver with features to improve surveying in the field. It is equipped with all major connectivity features, including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, UHF radio and 5-pin port. The internal 6,700mAh battery allows for up to 12-18 hours of operation and can be recharged via a USB Type-C connector. The IMU system supports tilted measurement, enabling the users to obtain fast and precise surveys. The IMU technology allows for fast initialization and accurate measurements with an inclination up to 60°.


PozStar™ P5’s Android-based RTK Field Software, PozPad

PozStar™ P5 supports a surveying software used only by Android smartphones or tablets. It collects control and surveying data for RTK equipment to perform surveying, map input, and drawing operations. It provides convenience for users with graphic interfaces and intuitive menu settings. It also provides English and Korean explanation. It enables convenient surveying through Bluetooth remote control connections and continuously updates software customization. Surpad APP can be used for PozStar™ P5.


PozStar™ P5’s Own GNSS Main Board 

The PozStar™ P5 has a high-precision board design based on GNSS System on Chip. It receives all kinds of satellites with the latest GNSS module to receive 1408 channels. It also receives all GNSS satellites such as GPS, BDS, GLONASS, GALILEO, QZSS, SBAS, NavIC. It has the technology of preventing independent tracking of frequencies and propagation of interference frequency. 


Design for High Durability

PozStar™ P5 was designed for high durability with die-casting technique specialized in making high-quality, high-precision products. Its shielding structure ensures safe protection of the main board with aluminum-magnesium alloy body. Elastomer dual construction was applied to make PozStar™ P5 robust to withstand 2 meter drop shocks. It uses powder coating that has better scratch resistance and hardness than traditional liquid paints. It has an excellent dustproof and waterproof performance with IP67 grade.

For more information about PozStar™ P5, please send: [email protected]



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