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Gremsy Unveils Versatile, Lightweight Eo/IR Payload for Various Drone Platforms


Gremsy, a front-runner in drone gimbal and payload manufacturing, proudly introduces the Vio series, its groundbreaking lightweight, plug-and-play EO/IR payload for multiple drone platforms. The Vio series marks Gremsy's inaugural entry into advanced EO/IR payloads, featuring a 4K zoom sensor, a 640x512 radiometric thermal camera, and an integrated laser rangefinder with an impressive range of up to 2400m. Its cutting-edge features make it an indispensable tool for professionals in various sectors, from industrial inspections to search and rescue operations.

The Vio Series comes with 2 versions: Vio F1 and Vio G1.



- Zoom Camera: With a high-resolution 4K 8.51 MP zoom camera an astonishing up to 240X zoom capability, the Vio series enables users to capture intricate details from considerable distances.

- Radiometric Thermal Imaging Camera: Equipped with a 640X512 thermal sensor and thermal sensitivity of ≤50 mK, it excels in thermal imaging tasks, capturing crucial temperature variations. This feature is indispensable for search and rescue operations, industrial inspections, and environmental monitoring applications.


Vio series features a laser rangefinder up to 2400m, for accurate distance measurements, essential for precise targeting and object assessment in high-risk scenarios, enhancing decision-making and operational safety.


Vio series can easily auto-track and auto-center your selected object, ensuring it remains perfectly framed even while zooming or adjusting the gimbal position. This feature is available for both the EO and IR cameras. Additionally, the Vio series introduces an AI detection feature capable of identifying objects such as cars, humans, and boats.

For users who desire to further expand the range of detectable objects, please contact us for additional software updates and options.


Vio series supports geotagging capabilities, enabling data embedding into your images, including gimbal attitude, GPS coordinates, target GPS, camera orientation, and zoom factor. Additionally, Vio enables pinpointing so that you can get precise coordinates of observed objects, facilitating the precise identification and tracking of specific targets.




PAYLOAD WEIGHT 854g/ 1.88 lbs

PAYLOAD DIMENSION (DxWxH) 173mm x 148mm x 159mm

EO CAMERA Powered by Sony block camera
30x Super Resolution Zoom, 240x Max Zoom
8.51 MP 1/2.5" CMOS
Focal Length: 4.4mm to 88.4mm  
Resolution: 4K@30fps

Powered by Sony block camera
30x Super Resolution Zoom, 240x Max Zoom
8.51 MP 1/2.5" CMOS
Focal Length: 4.4mm to 88.4mm
Resolution: 4K@30fps IR CAMERA

Powered by Flir Boson 640 Radiometric (VIO F1)
1x to 8x Zoom
Fixed Focus, 32° HFOV, 14 mm EFL
Resolution: 640×512@60Hz
Thermal Sensitivity: ≤50 mK (professional)

Powered by thermal core 640 Radiometric (VIO G1)
Fixed Focus Athermal: 19 mm (EFL)
Resolution: 640×512@30Hz
Thermal Sensitivity: ≤ 50mk

LASER RANGEFINDER 0 - 2400 m (1Hz)
0 - 1200 m (10Hz) 0 - 2400 m (1Hz)
0 - 1200 m(10Hz)

SUPPORTED DRONE PLATFORMS Pixhawk/Cube Pilot/Skynode Pixhawk/Cube Pilot/Skynode



Please note that:

- Vio F1 will be assembled in the US and distributed by Gremsy US. (Gremsy US is the representative company of Gremsy JSC for assembling and distributing Vio F1)

- Vio G1 will be assembled and distributed by Gremsy JSC in Viet Nam.


Pre-orders are open from today until October 31, 2023. Reserve now for special pricing. 

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