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Get Started Easier – SingularXYZ Launched NEW SAgro150 Auto-Steering System

Shanghai, China, August 24th, 2023 - SingularXYZ officially released the new SAgro150 automated steering system for precision agriculture, making it easier for farmers to get started with auto-steering while greatly increasing productivity.

Featured with full-constellation tracking capability, SAgro150 realizes ±2.5cm auto-steering accuracy for your farming tasks. Farmers don't need to concentrate on driving and can work for longer hours, which means less fatigue and higher efficiency. The 2.5 cm accuracy also maximizes land use and yield while saving resources such as water and fertilizer.

Compared with the first-generation SAgro100 system, the SAgro150 auto-steering system uses single-antenna solution instead of dual-antenna solution. Users no longer need to assemble and install the antenna crossbar. All it takes is a strong magnetic chuck to securely attach the antenna to the top of the tractor for satellite signal tracking.

Due to the installation difficulty and limitation of angle sensors, the new SAgro150 system abandons the angle sensor and adopts the dual gyroscope mode. Compared with the angle sensor + gyroscope mode, the new SAgro150 reduces the difficulty of installation while enhancing the heading data reliability and compatibility with different tractors.

In addition, upgraded from SAgro100 auto-steering system, SAgro150 has also inherited all of its advantages. Facing different tractor models, different farm terrains and working tasks, SAgro150 shows high compatibility and flexibility, helping your rotary tillage, ridging, sowing and harvesting in straight line, curve, U-turn or other work modes.

The SAgro150 Automated Steering System is online at SingularXYZ official website and is available now. Contact your local SingularXYZ distributor or contact us directly to get your ones. 

Find out more details about the SAgro150 system at


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