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Flow Analysis Using Thermal Imaging

Wed, Jun 14, 2023 at 10:00 AM (UTC) 1 hour
Thermography enables the analysis of flows by visualising characteristically thermal signatures, which are caused by different heat transfer coefficients. Thus, direction and strength but especially the type of flow – turbulent or laminar – can be determined. Thermography as a non-contact, area-based and imaging temperature measurement method is perfectly suited to detect even the smallest flow-induced temperature gradients of less than 15 mK without influencing the flow behaviour itself. In InfraTec's online event "Flow Analysis Using Thermal Imaging" we will inform you about possible applications of thermography in the context of flow analysis.
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A Glance at the Event

  • General information about infrared thermography
  • Presentation of different infrared camera techniques
  • Presentation of different flow types and how to measure them with thermography
  • Demonstration of different application possibilities, e.g.
    • Aerodynamic optimisation (e.g. aircraft wings or rotor blades of wind turbines)
    • Heat management industry (e.g. geometric influences in convection-based cooling systems)
    • Environmental research (e.g. weather, wind situations, climate)
    • Geological research (e.g. snow and rock avalanches, lava flow)

Guest Speaker from thermography practice 

Topic: "A Non-Intrusive Particle Temperature Extraction Methodology Using Infrared and Visible-Image Sequences for High-Temperature Particle Plumes"

Speaker: Jesus D. Ortega, PhD, MSME, MBA from Anderson School of Business and School of Engineering / The University of New Mexico, USA

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