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Aanderaa Data Instruments Automatic Weather Station 2700

A rugged self-contained station suited for use in remote places without electricity supply. Data can be recorded on site or be transmitted in real-time

The Automatic Weather Station 2700 consists of light, compact units in hard-anodized aluminium which are quick and easy to install. Sensors and the communication solution
are fitted on a sensor cross arm placed on top of the mast. The mast is supported by a freestanding cabinet which is bolted to the ground. A hinge at the base of the cabinet
facilitates raising and lowering of the station.

  • Aanderaa Data Instruments Automatic Weather Station 2700
Aanderaa Data Instruments
Sandalsringen 5b
5843 Bergen
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Standardized cables connect the Datalogger to the sensors, and to the optional radio transmitter and/or solar cell power module if these are installed. The station is supplied with a tool kit and a CD containing operating manuals and other documentation. All Aanderaa SR10 sensors are read in selectable intervals by an 11-channel SmartGuard Datalogger located in the Cabinet. The raw data read from the sensors are converted to engineering units and stored in the Datalogger.

In addition to the SR10 sensors, the SmartGuard can also read serial, digital and analogue sensors. The SmartGuard is designed for ease of integration of new and existing sensor technologies into a single Aanderaa observatory node with modern self-describing XML data output formats. Real-time output of data can be accomplished with one of our communication systems listed on the next page. The data is also stored on a removable SD-card inside the logger for backup. The station has low power consumption and can be powered by batteries, by mains AC power through an AC/DC Adapter or by a solar power pack.


  • Area of Application
    remote places without electricity supply
  • Rain rate
  • Rainfall
  • Relative humidity
  • Visibility
  • Water level
  • Other measurements
    Road Condition Sensor, Road Temperature Sensor, Doppler Current Sensor, Other submersible sensors
  • Height [m]
  • Weight [kg]
  • Portable
  • Solar panel
  • (Physical) Ports (USB, LAN, RS-232, etc.)
    LAN, USB
  • Radio (VHF, UHF, etc.)
    VHF, UHF. Real-time data.
  • Satellite
    Argos, Iridium selectable two-way communication
  • Internet protocol (IP)
    Wired or Wireless
  • Other (LoRa, Bluetooth, etc.)
    "Communication solutions can be changedaccording to project requirements"
  • Logger type
    SMARTGUARD Datalogger
  • Storage medium
    SD Card
  • External storage
  • Data formats
  • Real time data
    Real-time or on-site data storage
  • Included software
    The Real-Time Collector 4807 receives data from the AWS 2700 and other Aanderaa equipment, and presents it to client programs on a uniform, well documented format. Client programs can be custom programs, or the Aanderaa GeoView display program which stores the data in an SQL database and presents it on a web page that can be viewed in any browser from computer in your local network, or published on the Internet.
  • Housing material
    Anodized aluminum
  • Integrated heater
    Rainfall sensor available with heating
  • Mounting possibilities
  • Lightning rod
  • Vehicle mounting
  • Mobile application interface
    Client programs can be custom programs, or the Aanderaa GeoView display program
  • GNSS positioning
  • GPS time synchronization
  • Distinguishable features
    Compact modular design, Self-contained, Rugged construction, Flexible configurations, Standardized sensor outputs, Low power consumption, Long-term unattended operation, Real-time or on-site data storage, Selectable recording intervals, Automatic transmission of data, Plug-in communication solutions, Mast height: up to 10 meters, Easy installation and rising of a 10-meter mast; only one person required, Low maintenance
  • Operating temperature: min. [°C]
  • Operating temperature: max. [°C]

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