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Radac WaveGuide 5 Onboard 2

Wave radar with motion compensation

The WaveGuide 5 Onboard 2 is one the latest and most technically advanced radar system, designed for vessels and dynamic applications. This accurate, real-time, easy-to-use, reliable and robust device with its in-cooperated motion unit (IMU), measures freeboard, wave height and wave period. This wave radar is capable of maintaining a high level of precision and accuracy in harsh environmental conditions and is particularly suited to maritime use.

  • Radac WaveGuide 5 Onboard 2
Elektronicaweg 16b
2628 XG Delft
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The Onboard wave radar, mostly installed on the bow of the ship, measures the distance to the water surface. The distances measured have to be compensated for the heave, pitch and yaw motions of the radar itself. Hence, a motion sensor is incorporated into the radar unit. The WaveGuide Onboard measures the waves the ship actually has to endure. The radar measures the distance to the water surface 10 times per second. In all wind and wave conditions the accuracy for water level is proven to be below 1 cm. The radar itself facilitates data acquisition, data processing, data presentation and remote service. Data will be internally stored on the device and distributed over the network. Any device connected to the (private) network can access the web-based user interface.


  • Year of initial development
  • Year of latest version
  • Operating System
  • Area of Application
    Construction vessels, multi support vessels, pipelaying vessels, FPSO's, Jack ups, CTV, OSV, etc... vessels used for offshore operations in offshore wind, offshore renewables, offshore oil and gas and subsea and dredging
  • Field of Use
    Used for measuring wave height and freeboard from the vessel during offshore operations
  • Languages Supported
    Radac message format, SESAM, FGTI
  • Output parameters
    Heave, Hm0, Czz10, Tm02, Tmax, Hmax and more (please see user manual)
  • Type of wave recorder
  • Direction wave or non-directional
  • Dedicated software
  • Data provided / logged
    Raw data, statistical, spectral analysis
  • Power supply (internal/external with specs)
    24-48 VDC, 10.8 W
  • Output interface {eg. rs232}
    RS232, Ethernet
  • Weight in air [kg]
  • Weight in water [kg]
  • Width [cm]
  • Length [cm]
  • Operating temperature: min. [°C]
  • Operating temperature: max. [°C]
  • Housing material
    Stainless steel
  • Output data format
  • Sampling rate

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