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Wave Radars

Wave Recorders are devices that are placed in water and record the height and the period of the wave.

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WaveGuide 5 Direction-Onboard
WaveGuide 5 Direction-Onboard


Radac's latest Wave Monitoring Radar System is a combination of Directional and Onboard system that delivers a unique solution to fixed and dynamic offshore structur

Miros Wavex virtual sensor


Wavex is a radar-based sensor for wave, current and speed through water measurements. The dry-mounted sensor eliminates the costly and time-consuming maintenance ass

Brizo-X Wave Height and Direction Sensor
Brizo-X Wave Height and Direction Sensor

Xeos Technologies Inc

The Brizo-X Directional Wave Height Sensor utilizes the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) to measure wave statistics. Since the Brizo-X does not use a compas

Nortek Awac 400 kHz Side View
AWAC - 400kHz


Directional Wave Radar: WaveGuide 5 Direction
WaveGuide 5 Direction


The WaveGuide 5 is the latest and most technically advanced system from Radac. This accurate wave monitoring system is an easy to use, reliable and robust device to

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