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Highly configurable USV for a wide range of marine missions

SEA-KIT Uncrewed Surface Vessels (USVs) are designed to provide a low-cost and environmentally low-impact solution to the numerous challenges posed by commercial offshore projects. These adaptable, uncrewed and remotely-controlled vessels enable over-the-horizon deployment of systems and sensors for many commercial use cases, including maritime logistics, environmental management, marine inspection and efficient survey of the ocean floors.

  • SEA-KIT X Class USV
Blackwater House, Woodrolfe Road
CM9 8SE Tollesbury, Essex
United Kingdom


SEA-KIT X is designed to be an uncrewed mother-ship for remote vehicles such as large AUVs or ROVs. This unique ability allows for missions such as deep water bathymetry without placing human personnel in harm’s way and at significantly reduced costs compared to traditional manned vessels.

SEA-KIT’s long-range and long-endurance capability means that extended missions can be undertaken in a solo capacity or as part of a larger group of manned or uncrewed vessels. SEA-KIT is also developing automatic AUV charging to allow multiple missions to be undertaken without human interaction. Data can be transmitted via broadband link or via satellite following on-board processing and compression. Alternatively, data can be stored on-board for retrieval at a later date if required.

Key benefits

  • Improved safety of off shore operations
  • Proven technology
  • Long endurance, full ocean capability
  • Fully uncrewed launch & recovery of underwater vehicles
  • Highly confi gurable
  • Large payload capacity (2 tons)
  • Ultra-low environmental impact
  • Uncrewed operations with secure remote control
  • COLREG compliant
  • Multiple mission variants
  • Multiple off shore payload variations
  • Optional AUV, ROV & UAV variations
  • Remote operation from secure location
  • Long range endurance capability
  • Ocean depth multibeam echo sounder

Through extended mission capability and reduced downtime, the deployment of SEA-KIT USVs represents significant cost savings as well as reduced carbon emissions for companies operating in the commercial offshore sector.

The video below covers a recent proof-of-concept project which saw our USV 'Maxlimer' complete a 22-day mission surveying 1000sq km of previously unmapped ocean floor on Europe's continental margin.


  • Length [m]
  • Width [m]
  • Portable
  • Number of thrusters
  • Thruster specifications
    2 X 10 kW / 1200 rpm electric directional thrusters, 1 x 11kW Aziprop 360 degree thruster, 1 x 24v 6.3kW 185mm Bowthruster
  • Height [m]
  • Min. weight of USV in air [kg]
  • Max. Weight of USV in air [kg]
  • Draft [m]
  • Chassis
  • Launch and Recovery System
    Open transom designed for deployment of multiple payload types using either conveyor or lifting/lowering system.
  • Min. turning radius [m]
  • Operational Area
    3 (MCA MGN280)
  • Max. speed [kn]
  • Min. crew size
  • Min. required number of surface computers
  • Max. WMO seastate
  • Propulsion
  • Energy Source
    Diesel generator
  • Propulsion Power
    31 kW
  • Endurance at nominal power [hr]
  • Type of Communication
    Any (VSAT/Iridium/Inmarsat/4G/MBR)
  • Max. Baud rate [Mb/s]
  • Control parameters sent to the USV
    All vessel functions can be sent to the USV
  • Applications
    Oceanographic/hydrographic survey, subsea asset integrity inspections/maintenance/intervention, logistics support, collection of metocean data, seafloor mapping and classification, mine countermeasures, maritime intelligence surveillance & reconnaissance, maritime & border security, amphibious ops support
  • Distinguishable features
    Rectangle shape with sloped bow section, A-frame mast

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