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Tidewise USV Tupan

Autonomous multipurpose vessel approximately five meters long

The USV Tupan is an autonomous multipurpose vessel approximately five meters long, made of aluminum and with diesel- electric propulsion. Integrating high engineering attributes with robustness for the heaviest jobs at sea, it is the first of its kind registered and recognized by the Brazilian Navy.

  • Tidewise USV Tupan


Why use a USV?

The innovation of applying unmanned systems is an irreversible trend that is being observed all over the world, mainly in services that demand the optimization of costs, security and reliability. In the offshore industry, this can be seen in the automation of operations – with the increasing use of ROVs ( Remote Operated Vehicles), AUVs (Autonomous Underwater Vehicles) and UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles). Given the versatility of applications, the use of USVs is growing rapidly, ranging from cargo transport, surveillance, bathymetric surveys, cetacean monitoring, acoustic landscape monitoring, lbl calibration, touchdown monitoring to use as a mother ship for operations with ROVs.

Benefits of a USV:
  • As USVs do not need to accommodate a crew, they can be significantly smaller and have, proportionally, greater payload compared to conventional vessels of the same application;
  • Unmanned vessels are more sustainable solutions and have a reduced carbon footprint compared to conventional ones. The USV Tupan, for example, consumes 98% less fuel than a conventional vessel.
  • Unmanned vessels do not require a crew on board, which eliminates the risks to human life inherent in navigation operations – especially in an offshore environment;
  • Operational predictability: possibility of pre-programming routes and surveys;
  • Lower operating cost (OPEX) compared to conventional vessels for performing the same services. In inspections of offshore assets , our technology reduces the value of this type of operation by approximately 70%.

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