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Unmanned Survey Solutions USS Accession Class USV

One vessel, three solutions and multiple applications.

The Accession USV is a unique solution for the emerging Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV) market offering one vessel design at three different vessel lengths. Specifically designed to meet the challenges of surveying in the nearshore and offshore environments this vessel has a base design length of 3.50m with optional additional hull sections to create 4.25m and 5.00m variants.

  • Unmanned Survey Solutions USS Accession Class USV
Unmanned Survey Solutions
Unit 7 Hayle Marine Renewables Business Park, North Quay
TR27 4DD Hayle
United Kingdom


The modular design of the Accession USV follows Unmanned Survey Solutions (USS) core desire to make surveying easier, safer and cheaper compared to manned vessel solutions. 

The USS team created her specification from in-depth knowledge and experience of operating sonars and sensors for survey operations. Our Naval Architect then applied extensive sea keeping knowledge and commercial MCA experience to create a design which was modelled and tested in numerous environmental conditions.  The Accession modular design starts at 3.50m and offers 12 hours endurance for hydrographic surveying at typical survey speeds.  Then, with either the addition of a 0.75m or 1.50m section of hull and various payload and/or fuel combinations, the vessel can operate in excess of 8 days at sea.

Built by surveyors for surveyors, this adaptable USV is simple to operate, reliable and robust enough to withstand operating in offshore conditions. The Accession Class USV can operate as a lone survey vessel or as a force multiplier from a mother ship increasing productivity and lowering costs.

Additional capabilities include the integration of Unmanned Airborne Vehicles (UAV’s) for combined autonomous operations on the sea and in the air offering inspection and security capabilities.  Other optional payload integrations include mobile laser scanning, Sound Velocity Profiling (SVP), Geophysical senor towing and Remotely Operated Vehicle deployment (ROV).

The Accession USV is the first truly modular USV adaptable for nearshore operations by Port Authorities to offshore applications by survey companies.

The definition of Accession is the 'attainment of power', and she is available to rent or buy.


  • Length [m]
  • Width [m]
  • Height [m]
  • Portable
  • Draft [m]
  • Number of thrusters
  • Thruster specifications
  • Chassis
  • Launch and Recovery System
    Trailer from launch slip or LARS from mothership
  • Max. speed [kn]
  • Min. crew size
  • Min. required number of surface computers
  • Max. Remote Operating Range {m}
  • Navigation sensors - standard
    AIS, Cameras
  • Navigation sensors - optional
    Radar, IR and/or thermal rotating camera,
  • Payload sensors - standard
    Single-Beam Echo-Sounder, DGNSS
  • Payload sensors - optional
    Multi-Beam Echo-Sounder, SSS, Sub-Bottom Profiler, UAV, ROV, other
  • Propulsion
  • Energy Source
    DC power management system including drive batteries with chargers
  • Propulsion Power
    DC power management system including drive batteries with chargers
  • Endurance at nominal power [hr]
    12 - 96
  • Type of Communication
    Manual Remote Control (RC) and Autonomous way point routing
  • Auto- control
  • Applications
    Nearshore, Offshore operations
  • Distinguishable features
    Single reverse bow hull with red, black & white markings
  • Commercial Options
  • Sonar frequency
  • Max Water Depth Below Transducers
    Depends on sonar
  • Max Swath Width
    Depends on sonar
  • Max Coverage
    Depends on survey methodology
  • Field of view / beam opening angle (two way)
    Depends on sonar
  • Motion compensation roll & pitch / heave accuracy
    Depends on INS
  • Positioning / heading accuracy
    Depends on INS

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