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Newest edition of the Sonobot platform

The Sonobot 5 unmanned surface vehicle is a system platform, tailored to the needs of hydrographic surveying, monitoring, as well as search and rescue in inland waters. With the highest precision, it carries out both classic bathymetry and side-scan sonar imaging.
The Sonobot is a very light and modular measuring system that can be flexibly adapted to the needs of a particular application.

  • EvoLogics SONOBOT 5 USV
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An autopilot-integrated measuring system and a dedicated software package enable highly effective deployments of the Sonobot system.
The Sonobot is primarily used for 3D mapping, estimations of water body volumes, to determine sediment inputs or displacement of sediments, for monitoring and search and recovery missions.

As an autonomous system, the vehicle can reveal changes in the shipping routes over time. It can be used to detect objects that pose a safety threat to people and infrastructure.
During search operations, objects and people can be located quickly, as the vehicle enables targeted recovery work, reducing time and effort for rescue personnel and divers.


The applications include:

Hydrographiс surveys
Bathymetry and seafloor imaging in ports, harbors and inland waters
Search and recovery
Locating objects, such as archeological artifacts, wrecks, missing persons etc
Survey missions
Exploring shallow waters, natural reserves, flooded, restricted or hard-to-reach areas
Regular examinations of underwater infrastructure

Key highlights of the system include:

High-precision measurements and recordings

  • different GNSS-options available (DGPS with/without RTK, laser tracking over a total station)
  • Sonars: single-beam echosounder, multibeam echosounder, side-scan sonar (in variable configurations according to customer needs)
  • HD camera for navigation support, photo- and video recordings


  • Rapid system deployment, excellent maneuverability and area coverage thanks to powerful and efficient drives
  • Special system software for planning, execution and evaluation of the survey
  • Communication over a redundant mesh network enables work with/without a WLAN station, including integration of additional modules (laser tracking) without any configuration effort


  • Autonomous and radio-controlled operation modes
  • Direct Wi-Fi communication with a redundant link or GPRS/UMTS
  • Mission planning includes settings for sonar parameters
  • Configurable data output


  • Built from seawater-resistant robust materials (basalt laminate, stainless steel, plastic)
  • Suitable for operations in industrial waste waters
  • PC for field operations
  • On-board data logging, wireless transmissions on demand
  • Transport case, suitable for air transport

Easy handling

  • Assembly completely without tools
  • Can be handled by a single person
  • Fits into a car trunk compartment for transport



  • Length [m]
  • Width [m]
  • Height [m]
  • Min. weight of USV in air [kg]
  • Max. Weight of USV in air [kg]
  • Portable
  • Draft [m]
  • Number of thrusters
  • Chassis
  • Operational Area
    >30 km at 1 m/s speed in water
  • Launch and Recovery System
    By hand, can be handled by a single operator
  • Max. speed [kn]
  • Min. crew size
  • Min. required number of surface computers
  • Max. Remote Operating Range {m}
  • Available size of storage room
    no storage
  • Max. WMO seastate
  • Other requirements
    Up to 9 hours with one battery pack, additional battery packs available
  • Navigation sensors - standard
    GNSS: integration of OEM-Boards, DGPS for all global satellite systems, and frequency bands with high number of channels and high accuracy available
  • Navigation sensors - optional
    Reference service over GSM/LTE or Base/Rover, EGNOS
  • Payload sensors - standard
    EvoLogics broadband single-beam echsounder 200 kHz - standard; 80 kHz and 400 kHz options available
  • Payload sensors - optional
    Side-scan sonars: Hydra 700 kHz with integrated Hydra 1MHz echosounder - standard; 300 kHz und 1,2 MHz side-scan sonar options available; IMAGENEX 270 kHz multibeam sonar
  • Propulsion
    2 x motors
  • Energy Source
    Rechargeable battery packs
  • Endurance at nominal power [hr]
  • Type of Communication
    WLAN, up to 1,5 km (with omnidirectional antenna), up to 2,5 km (with directional antenna)
  • Data sent to shore
    Onboard data logging, wireless transfer on demand.
  • Auto- control
  • Control parameters sent to the USV
    Mission planning includes settings for sonar parameters
  • Emergency recovery procedure
    Autopilot and remote control
  • Applications
    Hydrographic survey, search and recovery, monitoring
  • Distinguishable features
    Carbon fiber floaters, corrosion-free materials, resistant toseawater and industrial waste water. Autonomous and radio controlled operation modes, Wi-Fi communication (GPRS/UMTS). On-board data logging, wireless transmission on demand. Comes with software for field operation and data processing with visual georeferenced representation. Fits into a car trunk compartment for transport
  • Commercial Options
    Multiple configuration options

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