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Highly configurable USV for a wide range of marine missions

The SEA-KIT X-Class USV is a remotely controlled, versatile and configurable mother-ship platform that can launch and recover remote vehicles such as large AUV/UUVs or ROVs, enabling missions including deep-water bathymetry, offshore and subsea asset inspection and hydrographic survey with reduced risk to personnel, significantly decreased costs and lower environmental impact.

  • SEA-KIT X-Class USV
SEA-KIT International
Blackwater House, Woodrolfe Road
CM9 8SE Tollesbury, Essex
United Kingdom
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The X-Class USV's large payload capacity, long range and proven, over-the-horizon endurance capability means that multiple missions can be undertaken in a solo capacity or as part of a larger fleet of crewed or uncrewed vessels. Data can be transmitted via broadband link or satellite following on-board processing and compression, or stored on-board for future retrieval.

The design also provides a versatile, robust platform for naval defence and maritime security operations. The X-Class can undertake missions in a standalone capacity or as a force multiplier for anti-submarine warfare, mine countermeasures, maritime intelligence surveillance/reconnaissance, logistics support, maritime and border security, amphibious operations, oceanographic and hydrographic survey.

SEA-KIT USVs are controlled using SEA-KIT’s proprietary G-SAVI control and surveillance platform, which provides safe and secure operation from remote control centres.

The SEA-KIT X class design holds Unmanned Marine Systems certification from Lloyd’s Register.

Key benefits

  • Safer, reduced risk, low environmental impact offshore operations
  • Commercially proven technology with extended endurance & full ocean capability
  • Fully uncrewed launch & recovery of underwater vehicles & sensors
  • Highly configurable payload capacity
  • Acoustically quiet operation
  • Lloyd’s Register Unmanned Marine Systems certified & COLREGS compatible
  • On-board processing capability, including ATR & data compression
  • Remote operation from secure location anywhere in the world
  • Multiple mission & offshore payload variations
  • Optional AUV/UUV & ROV configurations
  • Ocean depth multibeam echo sounder variant
  • Through extended mission capability and reduced downtime, the deployment of SEA-KIT USVs represents significant cost savings as well as reduced carbon emissions for companies operating in the commercial offshore sector.


  • Length [m]
  • Width [m]
  • Portable
  • Number of thrusters
  • Thruster specifications
    2 x 10 kW / 1200 rpm electric directional thrusters, 1 x 12kW Azipod thruster
  • Height [m]
  • Min. weight of USV in air [kg]
  • Max. Weight of USV in air [kg]
  • Draft [m]
  • Chassis
  • Launch and Recovery System
    Open transom designed for deployment of multiple payload types using either conveyor or lifting/lowering system.
  • Min. turning radius [m]
  • Operational Area
    3 (MCA MGN280)
  • Max. speed [kn]
  • Min. crew size
  • Min. required number of surface computers
  • Max. WMO seastate
  • Propulsion
  • Energy Source
    Diesel generator
  • Propulsion Power
    31 kW
  • Endurance at nominal power [hr]
  • Type of Communication
    Any (VSAT/Iridium/Inmarsat/4G/MBR)
  • Max. Baud rate [Mb/s]
  • Control parameters sent to the USV
    All vessel functions can be sent to the USV
  • Data sent to shore
    FLIR images, CCTV images, vessel audio feed, sensor data, navigational data
  • Applications
    Oceanographic/hydrographic survey, subsea asset integrity inspections/maintenance/intervention, logistics support, collection of metocean data, seafloor mapping and classification, mine countermeasures, maritime intelligence surveillance & reconnaissance, maritime & border security, amphibious ops support
  • Distinguishable features
    Rectangle shape with sloped bow section, A-frame mast
  • Commercial Options
    MBES package, station holding package, maritime security package, launch & recovery package etc.

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